Based on Nothing

It's episode 100! Finally! My guests are Mal Smith (@Malive) and Lauren Puga (@KittenTarantino) from the podcast A FEW BEERS IN. In this episode we take turns complimenting each other, insulting each other, playing nerd trivia, and play an extremely intense round of the alliterative name game for the ownership rights of the podcast. We also dive into segments Star Trek News, In The Loop and Star Wars Stories, watch some Star Wars, talk about Disney World, and reach the thrilling conclusion to the saga of uncanceling the cancelation of the podcast.

Based on Nothing has joined a network of writers and podcasters called the Codex and you should check it out at! A FEW BEERS IN is @Afewbeersin on Twitter and I am at @BONpodcast on Twitter.

Thank you for listening to show. 100 more years

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