Based on Nothing

Brand New expert and scholar in the field @KelseyDegz joins me to discuss Brand New in all their mystery and wonder. FIRST we get an exciting call from former Based on Nothing co-host @SpenserMilo. THEN we talk about Brand New happenings and the chances of a new album in 2016, the newly released leaked demos from 2006 in detail, the October Nashville show, the Ommegang Brewery show with Kevin Devine, Jesse Lacey and Kevin Devine in Philly this weekend, setlists, iPods, surprise noises, Demi's Lovato's love for Brand New, favorite Brand New moments, the band potentially breaking up, favorite music of 2015, sing a song and much more. 

This episode has some great stuff for fans of Brand New and fun moments for regular Based on Nothing listeners. More coming in December! Thank you for listening! Subscribe to the show on iTunes!

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