Based on Nothing

In the seventh episode of the Based on Nothing podcast, Spenser and Jacob welcome their good friend Luke! The three discuss the weirdness that is first names, Star Wars, the entire Spider Man franchise, FX allegedly having the movies, and much more; Luke becomes a robot! Mal speaks to us from Comic-Con! Please email us over at and subscribe over at iTunes.

3:00 - Names and Star Wars games
8:00 - Spider Man franchise
10:50 - FX has the movies
12:00 - True Detective casting
16:00 - 24
17:30 - Things we endorse
21:00 - Mary Kate and Ashley discussion
23:30 - Luke is a robot
24:30 - Orange is the New Black
26:00 - Spoiler talk
29:30 - Live from Comic-Con!!! (Mal on the floor)
35:00 - The Leftovers and the definition of "doozy"
36:40 - Bonnaroo
41: 00 - "Think Piece"

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