Based on Nothing

In the ninth episode of the Based on Nothing Podcast, Spenser and Jacob talk about the sudden and tragic loss of Robin Williams. They soon realize that it's just them on this podcast, no guest, and have a time of recollection on just what that all means. Eventually Spider-Man and Woody Allen are brought up, as they usually are in unison, and then Pete Holmes talks to Jacob in an exclusive interview with Based on Nothing. Remember to email us at!

Introduction - 0:00
Robin Williams - 3:00
No guest discussion/Based on Nothing reflection - 6:00
"Great Stories" - 10:45
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - 13:35
Woody Allen - 16:00
"In The Loop" - 20:00
Pete Holmes interview - 23:30
Gatorade/Hypothetical talk show - 39:00
Guardians of the Galaxy - 45:00
The Hobbit - 54:00
Music! - 58:00

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