Based on Nothing
#2 - Layne Montgomery

In the second episode of the Based on Nothing podcast, Spenser and Jacob welcome Layne Montgomery as their guest. The trio discuss amazing things like the emo revival, Voldemort’s economic policy, Hurricane Sandy, True Detective season 2, and Star Wars Episode VII. You can find Layne over on Twitterand don’t forget to email us at about your thoughts!

3:00 – Reunion tours/Emo revival
5:20 – The Great American Novel talk
7:30 – “Have You Ever Noticed?”
8:47 – Game of Thrones/Click bait (no spoilers)
15:30 – New York discussion
17:45 – Based on Nothing Facebook talk
20:05 – True Detective season 2 casting speculation
24:40 – “What We’re Doing This Summer”

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