Based on Nothing
#3 - Mal

In the third episode of the Based on Nothing podcast, Jacob and Spenser welcome their very good friend Mal Smith. The three discuss their personal history, Harrison Ford, Lost, their Twitter followers, and have a surprise interview with "George Lucas."

You can find Mal over on Twitter @malive and don't forget to email us at!

"What Are You Wearing?" - 3:48
Harrison Ford - 4:59
"In the Loop" - 6:00
NBC/Community/Star Wars/Mal's recent pop culture ignorance - 6:47
Summer movies (or lack thereof) - 12:08
The Leftovers/Lost - 15:00
"How Many Twitter Followers Do You Have?" - 19:00
Mal talks for one straight minute - 20:20
Anticipated movies (or lack thereof) - 23:oo
"In the Loop part 2" - 24:14
"Have You Ever Noticed?" - 25:45
The World Cup - 27:40
"George Lucas" interview - 29:oo
"Personal Problems - 36:17
Wrap up - 38:48

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