Based on Nothing

Episode #50! After 50 years (episodes) we have a real reason to celebrate. Five different guests join me in four different segments for a bigger than usual episode. Make sure to stick around for the final segment that starts at an hour and 35 minutes in or just skip right to it!

From the start to the 36:40 mark, return guest Luke Thornton (@MrLukeThornton) and I discuss a mythical secret Blockbuster, Marvel movies, Atlanta, music, new wonders of the world, Hannibal and much more.

From 36:40 – 55:36 return guest Luke Shefski from the band Port Arthur ( talks with me about Bruce Springsteen being underrated, movies that need sequels, his new album, surviving his recent tour and much more.

From 55:36 – 1:35:05 I talk with returning champion guest Kelsey Degnan (@KelseyDegz) about Brand New of course, Blink-182, being afraid of everything, tequila, Mad Men, the fact that Kelsey has never seen Star Wars, our parents taking us to rock shows when we were kids and much more.

Finally, from 1:35:05 until the end I am joined by fan favorite guest Mal Smith (@Malive) and her co-host from the (much more successful) @AFewBeersIn podcast Lauren Puga (@KittenTarantino). We discuss having a successful podcast, the creative aspects that go into making our shows, our weaknesses and how to destroy each other, getting to know Lauren, Brand New, touring 30 Rock with Mal, karaoke songs, script pitches, possibly joining podcast forces, possibly going on tour with me and joining the Based on Nothing network. They reject all business offers and the episode ends on a positive note but with all of us pursuing legal action against each other.

Thank you to everyone who has listened over the past 15 months, been on the podcast, or told a friend! Leave a review on iTunes! Follow me on Twitter @Ailite. 50 more years!

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