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It's episode 100! Finally! My guests are Mal Smith (@Malive) and Lauren Puga (@KittenTarantino) from the podcast A FEW BEERS IN. In this episode we take turns complimenting each other, insulting each other, playing nerd trivia, and play an extremely intense round of the alliterative name game for the ownership rights of the podcast. We also dive into segments Star Trek News, In The Loop and Star Wars Stories, watch some Star Wars, talk about Disney World, and reach the thrilling conclusion to the saga of uncanceling the cancelation of the podcast.

Based on Nothing has joined a network of writers and podcasters called the Codex and you should check it out at! A FEW BEERS IN is @Afewbeersin on Twitter and I am at @BONpodcast on Twitter.

Thank you for listening to show. 100 more years

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All time champion guest Cole Johnston (KeyboardCole) goes on a strange adventure to Centralia, PA over the phone! Convenience store wars! Prank calls! Then Garret Smith  (@Filmadelphia) from I LIKE TO MOVIE MOVIE joins me to talk about The Neon Demon and assorted other movies, lead me down a Space Jam internet rabbit hole, talk about the post election woes and much more. We also get a call from wonderful friend of the show @PxCaballero!

Based On Nothing has joined a network of podcasts and writers called THE CODEX and you can check them out at Episode #100 will be out December 1st!

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Finance Guru Gregg Gethard is on the show to talk about his exciting 8 week financial education seminars at various hotels in the area, his upcoming book Cash Dad/Trash Dad, his tumultuous relationship with his father and father neighbor, muay thai kickboxing, remembering his own birth, financial advice of all sorts, the mafia, gambling, Gilmore Girls, money songs, local Facebook groups and so much more.

You can find Finance Guru Gregg Gethard's Facebook page and follow the show @BONpodcast. Episodes 99 and 100 will be out near the end of the November and the beginning of December. Thanks for listening. 

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Friend of the show and Vanity Fair tech reporter @MeKosoff is back on the show! We talk about how much Ken Bone sucks, autumn in New York, Kim Catrall, the election, Twitter's harassment problem, the life and death of Vine, our favorite and least favorite people on Twitter, The Force Awakens being the only Star Wars movie she has seen, Kevin Devine ,American Football and much more. Plus a Facebook Q&A and a very exciting and evenly matched edition of the Alliterative Name Game!


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Garrett Smith (@Filmadelphia) from the I LIKE TO MOVIE MOVIE podcast is back on the show. He is an excellent guest and we both have a great talk about Sully Sullenberger, Hell Or High Water, The Neon Demon, Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping, John Wick, Gods of Egypt, Westworld, aliens, tons of other movies and much more. I also talk about depression and dealing with life, the new albums from American Football, John K. Samson formerly of The Weakerthans, Kevin Devine,  a podcast I love and the upcoming 100th episode! It's a good one!

Follow the show @BONpodcast and send me all thoughts comments questions and things you want to talk to me about. Thank you for listening.

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All star returning guest @MrLukeThornton is back on the show! One of my favorite people to talk and one of my favorite episodes! We talk about how terrible 2016 has been, a very strange video of Kim Catrall and her husband, a historical Ocean's 13 banner that has been hanging in my neighboorhood in Kensington for over 9 years, clowns in the woods???, the weather, singing while biking, crying, comics, television like Atlanta, movies like Hunt For The Wilderpeople and Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping, Around The World In 80 Days for some reason, the 9/11 issue of Spider-Man and much more! This is a really fun episode because Luke is one of the best!

6 more episodes to go! Rate and review on iTunes! @BONpodast! New episodes coming at you in October!

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Dan Drago from @25oclockPod, a great Philadelphia podcast, is on the show this week. We get to know each other and discuss - Philadelphia, the good and bad parts of having a podcast, biking/staying alive while biking, comics like Warren Ellis' Planetary and Brian K. Vaughn's Saga, music like Hop Along/The Tragically Hip/Robin Hitchcock/Destroyer and much more. Dan is a great guest and you should check out his podcast!


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Talking about basically nothing except movies and television with @Poorfrisco87

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Chip Chantry and Gregg Gethard have been friends for a long time. Chip is a stand up and Gregg is a comedian in his spare time. They are both very funny. I went to Gregg's house to record this episode. We talk about Gregg's revelation about his heritage, Gregg's controversial Steve Perry fanfiction, Chip's time on Last Comic Standing, a local Facebook group for angry people, ice cream, the Karl G yelp novel, comedy in the morning and much more. 

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Singer and guitarist Augusta Koch (@Gustawindd) from the Philadelphia band CAYETANA is on the show this week. We talk about how we met, her band and touring, the band's upcoming new album, dealing with depression and anxiety, the weather, Philadelphia, The Weakerthans and John K. Samson, Thursday, The Menzingers, lyrics inspired by her grandparents, television and more. Cayetana is on Twitter @CayetanaPhilly!

One more episode coming in August! Tell a friend about the show! Rate and review and on iTunes! Follow the show on Twitter @BONPodcast

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Returning guest Kelsey Degnan (@KelseyDegz) and a new guest Melanie are on the show to help me work through some complicated feelings related to Brand New, who we saw live in July in Philadelphia. 

One or two more episodes in August. @BONpodcast

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BONus! Mal and Lauren from @AFewBeersIn joined me on the 50th episode. This is the clip from that episode featuring them and some of the funniest stuff to ever happen on the show. 

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The wonderful @MayaKosoff joins me on the show. She is a tech writer for Vanity Fair, she is very funny and good at Twitter, and she is super clued into what's going on in the world. We get to know each other and talk about - tech and start ups, men being awful, New York, Philadelphia, Hershey PA, the magic of Twitter, being on tv, Maya's new podcast, Brand New, Owen, Blink-182, human worm Martin Shkreli, Tinder, Harambe, and more. Maya is a great guest and this is a great episode! 

Lots of episodes coming in August as we inch closer and closer to the grand finale 100th episode! @BONpodcast!

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All The Small Things Considered #2! with all timer guest @MrLukeThornton! We talk all about the good and bad of Blink-182's California, Ghostbusters, cats, Brand New, movies, tv, Pokemon GO and much more. This is an all around excellent episode with a great guest!

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Returning champ Zack Connor! Movies! Music! Nature! Mountaineering! Philadelphia! Summer! Vacation! 

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Comedian Max Barth (@HeisMaxBarth) is on the show this week! He co-hosts The Tinder Show and Party Lines! We talk about being angry in Philadelphia, gorillas, stars, the tri-state area, movies, politics, Tinder, Game of Thrones, Mad Men, Enlightened, (my favorite show ever), Spider-Man not being effective in Philadelphia, Lady Dynamite and much more! Max is great! Apologies for the abrupt ending!

Follow the show @Bonpodcast. One more episode this month and lots of special episodes in July!

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Every one has an opinion on Blink-182 one way or another. @SpenserMilo returns to the show to help launch a new spin-off podcast to go alongside Where’s The Brand New Album? and Tired of Weezer - All The Small Things Considered episode #1!

We talk about Blink-182’s upcoming album and long career, seeing the band live, memories, favorite songs and albums, the splits, Tom DeLonge, Alkaline Trio, aliens, Vindicated by Dashboard Confessional and more! Later Scott Heisel joins me to talk about the two Blink-182 cover stories he wrote for Alternative Press and his history with the band!

Scott is on Twitter @ScottHeisel and you can find his podcast @BestMidwestern. Subscribe/rate/review on iTunes and follow the show @BONpodcast.

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Joe Coughlin from MOVIE SCRAPPLE is on the show to talk about Delaware, Philadelphia, movies and more!

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Original co-host Spenser Milo returns to talk all about the new Brand New song "I Am A Nightmare" from their allegedly upcoming album! We both like the song and we break it down. We talk about Brand New's general vagueness, their big summer tour with Modest Mouse, an actual new album being around the corner and more. We also talk about Thrice, Thursday, Wolf Parade, Blink-182, the cancelled show Bored To Death, Modern Baseball, Hallelujah The Hills, Camp Cope, LOST, Hollywood creeps, sponsors, the perfect album length and some birds outside of Spenser's window that decided to join us. 

Follow the show at @BONpodcast, follow @SpenserMilo, and look for more episodes all through June!

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May 22nd was the 2 years to the day anniversary of Based on Nothing being a podcast! Cole Johnston Johnston joined me for a celebration! We sing songs, read fascinating Wikipedia lists about the far future and band names, we take calls from a whole myriad of past guests and friends, and we have a lot of fun.

Thank you to EVERYONE who has listened to the show over the past two years, been on the show, laughed at the show - you're the best.

Follow the show @bonpodcast, subscribe and review on iTunes, and stick around. New episodes all through June.

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Comedian Chip Chantry is on the podcast to talk about aliens, the Beach Boys, touring, comedy, opening for Louis CK, jobs, beaches, the tri-state area, running, podcast pitches, getting ice cream, making stuff you like and much more. He's the best!

Follow the show @BONpodcast. Sunday May 22nd is the two year anniversary episode. It's going to be bananas!

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THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING MATT AND JACQUIE return to the podcast. We accidentally recorded an almost three hour episode that we livestreamed. We take calls from PERRY SHALL from HOUND, Carson Pinch and more, we answer questions from livestream viewers, we #LockTheGates and talk about dads, we play the alliterative name game, we do weird improv, talk about bad charities and so much more! This is the biggest and maybe the best episodes to date!

Matt and Jacquie are performing at Montreal Sketch Fest on May 10th. They are two of the best and you can find them @Tismj_sketch. Follow the show @BONpodcast! 2 year anniversary episode at the end of May!

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Matt, Jacquie and Jacob sing the Growing Pains theme song. 

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GREGG GETHARD a Philadelphia comedian is on the show to talkabout Philadelphia, baby powder sabotage, comedy in broad and specific terms, the Karl G yelp novel, a Bernie Sanders rally weboth attended and much more. Gregg is a wonderful guest!

May will be a fun month for the show! Subscribe/rate/review oniTunes and follow the show @BONpodcast!

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Original co-host and eternal champion Spenser Milo returns to the podcast for the first time in over a year! We have a brand new Weezer album to talk about! We also catch up on knowing each other for almost ten years and podcasting for three, Batman vs. Superman, Star Wars, where the Brand New Album is, Prisoners, Room, The Leftovers, Vindicated by Dashboard Confessional and much more!

Then we talk about River's Cuomo's tv pilot, Weezer's new album track by track and how good Pat Wilson was in Fargo season 2!! This is a great episode! Follow the show @BONpodcast and @SpenserMilo on Twitter. 

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Returning guest and friend of the show Kevin Stairiker (@LoomingDoom) is on the show this week. He is a writer, a musician, and an all around fun dude. We talk about a New Year's Eve Party we were both at, Batman vs. Superman, Civil War, Daredevil season two, comic books, American Crime Story: The People vs. OJ Simpson, podcasts, bad music from the early 2000's, Scott Stapp, Garry Shandling and so much more! I pitch Kevin to join the Based on Network. At the 28:15 mark, we open up a brand new episode of Where's The Brand New Album? for an official update and because Kevin has never heard a Brand New song before and we had to fix that. I also manage to not curse for most of the episode! It's very exciting!

This is a funny episode! There are a lot more coming in April! Checkout, rate and review on iTunes and have a great week. 

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@Malive from @Afewbeersin returns triumphantly to the podcast to give her advice on being stuck in stuff, naming babies, who sucks in showbiz, lawyers, casting a young Harrison Ford, sandboxes, marital problems, revenge and spirits and so much more. We also finally get to hear Mal sing as her and Jacob face off in the Tom DeLonge Challenge.

New episodes coming all throughout April. Listen to A Few Beers In! Rate and review Based on Nothing on iTunes! Follow the show on Twitter @BONpodcast. Thank you for listening!

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Philadelphia comedian GARRETT SMITH (@Filmadelphia) from the I LIKE TO MOVIE MOVIE podcast is on the show this week. We talk about how we met but what we both love talking about is movies and that is exactly what we do. We discuss movies like Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Slow West, Spring Breakers, Breaking Away, The Good The Bad and The Ugly, The End of The Tour, Now You See Me, Ocean's 12, The Raid and many more.

Check out Garret's podcast, follow this podcast on Twitter @BONpodcast, rate and review on iTunes and look for one more episode in March!

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Philadelphia comedian from Hey We're Cool and Dungeon Palz MATT AUKAMP is on the podcast this week. I ALSO met him at a Halloween party and we realized we had a lot of things in common like being mega fans of The Best Show with Tom Scharpling. We talk about 99 Bananas, Marvel movies and Civil War, an incredible Wikipedia list of band name etymologies, comic books like Saga/Ex Machina/Hawkeye/Nextwave/the 9/11 issue of Spider-Man and more, A Song of Ice and Fire, shitty superheroes, feeling like the world is ending and so much more!

This is a wonderful episode with a super guest! Follow him @MattAukamp, follow the show @BONpodcast, send me your favorite Wikipedia lists, and rate and review the show on iTunes! New episode in a week! Thank you for listening! Tell a friend!

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Philadelphia comedian QUINTON ALEXANDER is here. He's an improviser with Masher, a producer of the show Hey We're Cool, and a dude I met at a Halloween party. We have a great talk about the Oscars, Leonardo DiCaprio, our mutual disgust for Fuller House, Wikipedia holes, getting stuff thrown at you while biking around Philadelphia, New Jersey, what "make America great again" means, making Halloween monthly and mandatory, and much more.

This is a great episode with a great guest! Follow him at @QJAlexander! Follow the podcast @BONpodcast! Subscribe, rate and review on iTunes! Tell a friend!

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Returning guest @MrLukeThornton is back on the show to talk about late night tv, the 9/11 issue of Spider-Man and Dr. Doom crying in it, Spider-Man books in general, Saga and Nextwave, seeing Bruce Springsteen live, Love on Netflix, Angie Tribeca, alliterative names, crappy superheroes and more. 

Subscribe to, rate, and review the show on iTunes! @BONpodcast on Twitter! Tell a friend!

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Beloved fan favorite returning champion guest COLE JOHNSTON ( is back on the show. We talk, we play games, I very briefly cry, we get to the bottom of stuff, we pretend to be movie characters. It's a fun one.

Subscribe to + rate and review the show on iTunes! Lots of episodes coming in March!

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It's exactly what the title says. New episode out Thursday!

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Sorry for the break! We're back with a new episode with guest Jake Jenkins (@JakeJ654) from Jake and I have a lot in common musically. We talk about our mutual adoration for Thursday and Brand New as well as Owen, Taking Back Sunday, Yellowcard, Jack's Mannequin, Thrice, Foxing, Say Anything and much more. We also talk about living in the future, Wikipedia holes, famous cats and dogs, winter, the absolutely fantastic Spider-Man 2 soundtrack, and the absolutely terrible 9/11 issue of The Amazing Spider-Man.

Follow Jake on Twitter! Follow the show @BONpodcast! More episodes coming very soon! Tell a friend! Sorry for the break!

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@Malive and I recorded a podcast on my 24th birthday after a blizzard. We play a game called Name as Many Cancelled NBC Shows as You Can, someone sings karaoke alone because someone else refuses, and we get to the bottom of some real deep stuff. Mal gives advice on super cats, freaky Fridays, getting to places, loud noises, Twitter meltdowns, immortal beings, fixing the Oscars, actual good life advice and much more. This is really and truly one of my favorite episodes of the podcast and one of the most fun to date.

Follow Mal's podcast @afewbeersin on Twitter. Send us things to read at @BONpodcast. Thanks for a great first month of 2016.

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Perry Shall from the band HOUND is on the podcast this week. Perry is a musician, artist, t-shirt collector, music fan and an expert scholar in the field of Weezer. We talk all about Hound and his music, Motorhead, enjoying Creed a little more than The Force Awakens, Philadelphia and much more. Later we open up Based on Nothing's new spinoff podcast In Defense of Weezer and talk about their upcoming new album, River's failed tv pilot, the $25,000 Weezer Experience bundle and much more.

Check out Perry's music at Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, rate and review it, and look for one more episode before the end of January!

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Comedian NEEL NANDA is on the podcast this week. Neel is a great stand up, actor and writer who lives in Los Angeles. He does stand up all over town, he's been on a few television shows you've heard of, and he's very fun to talk to. We get to know each other, Neel talks about his experiences doing comedy in LA, we pitch each other bad sitcoms and movies, we played Name Ten Podcasts, we talk about first jobs, and finally Nee's acquaintance and fan favorite Based on Nation guest Natasha Dye joins us for some Growing Pains karaoke. 

2-3 more episodes coming in January! Thank you for listening! Please subscribe on iTunes, rate and review, and tell a friend!

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Ryan Walsh from the band Hallelujah The Hills is on the show to kick off 2016! Ryan I do not know each other but I am a big fan of his music and he was so much fun to talk to. We talk about the band's upcoming 5th album, his upcoming book about Boston in 1968 and Van Morrison's time there leading up to Astral Weeks, podcasts we like, music/movies and tv we like (especially Twin Peaks and Enlightened,), stories from the road, changing technology, Martin Shrekli, El Chapo and so much more!

This is a great episode with a wonderful guest! Based on Nothing will be going strong all year long with 3-5 episodes a month, old and new guests, and fun. Subscribe on iTunes and tell a friend. @BONpodcast

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Grand funale of 2015 with @Malive and @LukeThornton! You've got the questions and Mal has got the advice! Star Wars stories! Bedtime stories! Legends of a forgotten Red Hot Chili Peppers roller coaster! Favorite things of the year! Podcast rivals! Curses! Name Ten Podcasts battle! Wishes for the new year! Putting 2015 to bed! Karaoke!

Thank you for listening all year long. There will be lots of episodes with great guests in January. Subscribe, rate and review on iTunes! Happy new year!  

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This week the host of my favorite podcast is on my podcast - TOM SCHARPLING from THE BEST SHOW is here. Tom is a writer, director, television producer and one half of the comedy duo Scharpling and Wurster who are playing at Union Transfer in Philadelphia on Sunday 12/13.

Tom and I discuss meeting at a Destroyer show, all kinds of music from Death Cab For Cutie to Wolf Parade to Springsteen, Northern New Jersey, podcast persistence, Tarantino movies, what goes into making the Best Show every week, Google being despicable, the Scharpling and Wurster live shows, karaoke and much more. Tom is the best of the best at what he does and it is truly exciting to have him here on my little old podcast. 

Support the podcasts you love by subscribing, downloading and rating. There are more episodes coming at you in December. Thank you for listening!

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Brand New expert and scholar in the field @KelseyDegz joins me to discuss Brand New in all their mystery and wonder. FIRST we get an exciting call from former Based on Nothing co-host @SpenserMilo. THEN we talk about Brand New happenings and the chances of a new album in 2016, the newly released leaked demos from 2006 in detail, the October Nashville show, the Ommegang Brewery show with Kevin Devine, Jesse Lacey and Kevin Devine in Philly this weekend, setlists, iPods, surprise noises, Demi's Lovato's love for Brand New, favorite Brand New moments, the band potentially breaking up, favorite music of 2015, sing a song and much more. 

This episode has some great stuff for fans of Brand New and fun moments for regular Based on Nothing listeners. More coming in December! Thank you for listening! Subscribe to the show on iTunes!

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Garbageman Cole Johnston (@KeyboardCole) returns for a make-em-up episode of the hit morning radio show Jacob and The Garbageman. Full disclosure - this episode is dumb. I am not great at improv and we make up lots of stuff on the fly. We had a blast doing it. There are aliens, burned down chain restaurants, fascinating zookeepers, callers and strange products galore in this episode set in a weird, non-existant town. This one is as silly as they get and I hope it gives you the giggles in more than a few places.

LOTS of episodes with great guests coming at you in December. Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, maybe give it a rating or a review, and look for more to wrap up 2015. 

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Philadelphia stand up comedians Drew Castellano (@DrewCastellano) and Sarah Bell (@cerebelum1) join me this week on the podcast. They are both very funny and fun to talk to. We talk about stand up and comedy in Philadelphia, pizza, Shia Labeouf, play an exciting round of trivia and Name Ten Podcasts, our favorite stand up albums, open up the pop culture book club and much more.

This is a fun episode! There are 3-5 more coming at you in December with great guests to wrap up the year! Subscribe to the podcast and rate and review on iTunes and keep on listening.

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An old friend and someone I love talking to is back on the podcast this week - @DomeKelly! I try not to curse for awhile. We talk about the best and worst things to win infinite lifetime supplies of (a favorite topic of ours), seeing Destroyer live, mimicking someone else’s singing voice, Hot Topic nostalgia, Star Wars VII and Daniel Fleetwood, Name Ten Podcasts, selling up and not out, The End Of The Tour, traveling, a much needed Hardy Boys movie frachise and much more.

Follow me on Twitter @Ailite or @BONpodast and Domenic @DomeKelly. Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes. Thank you for listening!

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Andrew VanTubbs (YoItsTubbs) returns to the podcast to talk about daylight saving's time, a certain celebrity that lied about 9/11, Halloween post-mortem, conversational cliches, Phish, Weezer's new songs, Beach Slang, yard sales, using Hollywood to fix the national debt, Fargo and much more.

More episodes coming at you through the end of November. Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, please rate and review it, and follow the show on Twitter @BONpodcast. Thank you for listening. Listen to Mr. November by The National. 

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All star returning guest and co-host of Tired of Weezer Layne Montgomery is back on the podcast! We talk about Weezer’s new song, the future of being tired of Weezer, the Mets, Scrubs, Fargo, musical projects, Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye and Sex Criminals, and much more. Also, we hear from Tom Delonge and it is fascinating.

Follow Layne on Twitter @LayneMontgomery. Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes!

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Old film school friend and friend of the show @ProducerJon is here. He is a film producer and a true gentleman. Enjoy this episode. 

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Brand new theme song! Brand new art! Brand new Halloween episode with @Malive from A Few Beers In!

Mal takes questions and gives advice on the following - blood, ghosts, pigs, witch curses, personal hells, haunted houses, embracing the darkness, BB-8 nightmares, getting the demons out, pumpkins, dispatches from a former life, vocal frying, feeling like it’s 2005, coping with the fact that Brand New might break up and much more. We talk about being tired of Weezer, the Brand New news and much more! This is a good one! Teamwork makes the dream work!

Big ups to for the theme and Luke Thornton for the art design. Subscribe to Based on Nothing and A Few Beers In on iTunes for more episodes!

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New theme song and cover art are in the wings! Sprucing things up!

This week on the podcast a production manager from a fancy PR company is here to fine tune the podcast in order to appeal to a wider demographic. Guy Buddy and I talk about ways to improve the podcast, develop the brand, appeal to more demographics, Brand New, Donald Trump, reboots and sequels and much more.

Later my friend Joe jumps in to talk about the Wolf Parade, Spencer Krug, Phil Elvrum and The Microphones, John Wick and more. 

New episode next week! Tell a friend!

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My friend Eddy Collazo from the Postgame of Thrones podcast ( joins to talk all about Game of Thrones and the A Song of Ice and Fire books, but also how he and I met, New Jersey and much more.
Boring Jacob talking by himself from beginning to 5 minutes, Game of Thrones talk with spoilers from 5 minutes to 31 minutes, and regular good old conversation with an old friend from the 31 minute mark.

Regular non-spoilery episode next week! Check out Postgame of Thrones! Subscribe on iTunes and tell a friend!

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Episode #50! After 50 years (episodes) we have a real reason to celebrate. Five different guests join me in four different segments for a bigger than usual episode. Make sure to stick around for the final segment that starts at an hour and 35 minutes in or just skip right to it!

From the start to the 36:40 mark, return guest Luke Thornton (@MrLukeThornton) and I discuss a mythical secret Blockbuster, Marvel movies, Atlanta, music, new wonders of the world, Hannibal and much more.

From 36:40 – 55:36 return guest Luke Shefski from the band Port Arthur ( talks with me about Bruce Springsteen being underrated, movies that need sequels, his new album, surviving his recent tour and much more.

From 55:36 – 1:35:05 I talk with returning champion guest Kelsey Degnan (@KelseyDegz) about Brand New of course, Blink-182, being afraid of everything, tequila, Mad Men, the fact that Kelsey has never seen Star Wars, our parents taking us to rock shows when we were kids and much more.

Finally, from 1:35:05 until the end I am joined by fan favorite guest Mal Smith (@Malive) and her co-host from the (much more successful) @AFewBeersIn podcast Lauren Puga (@KittenTarantino). We discuss having a successful podcast, the creative aspects that go into making our shows, our weaknesses and how to destroy each other, getting to know Lauren, Brand New, touring 30 Rock with Mal, karaoke songs, script pitches, possibly joining podcast forces, possibly going on tour with me and joining the Based on Nothing network. They reject all business offers and the episode ends on a positive note but with all of us pursuing legal action against each other.

Thank you to everyone who has listened over the past 15 months, been on the podcast, or told a friend! Leave a review on iTunes! Follow me on Twitter @Ailite. 50 more years!

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Returning champion guest Cole Johnston (@KeyboardCole) is back and we officially announce his new position as the official replacement Based on Nothing cohost! This show just isn’t as good with one host and it’s time to fix it.

Cole and I open up some new and old segments such as Where’s The Brand New Album?, In The Loop, Great Stories, Bedtime Stories, and Tired of Weezer. We talk about adult playgrounds, institute a failed no cursing policy, Fantastic Four, Saved By The Bell, Star Wars lullabies, a comedy show we went to, we take a call from a friend of the show and much more.

Finally, Cole dramatically quits his new position as the official replacement Based on Nothing cohost and gets permanently banned from the show. It’s a real roller coaster of an episode.

Episode #50 is next! Thanks for listening!

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In the third installment of the smash hit spin-off podcast MAL ADVICE, @Malive joins me to talk about her new podcast @AFewBeersIn and crack open extra special bonus episodes of Where’s The Brand New Album? & Tired of Weezer! The Based On Nothing sub-podcast family is all here.

Mal also dishes out advice on pet tigers, how to roll your tongue, how to fall back in love with food, how to launch a viral challenge (#VASELINECHALLENGE), what instrument to make your child play, dating superheroes, True Detective season 3, confusion related to the minions, whether or not to watch LOST, supervillians, a Harry Potter reboot, what to name 11 cats, Star Wars, Mission Impossible 5, stuffed animals, that time Mal and I went to FAO Schwartz together and so much more.

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Comedy special forces unit The Incredible Shrinking Matt and Jacquie join me to discuss slobbing blobs, ghosts, Philadelphia, sketch comedy, awkward shows, dadcasts, Batman, dream showbiz projects. We also play out some very dark Taxi Cab Confessions and act out scenes from the failed Rivers Cuomo television series in a very exciting sub-episode of Tired of Weezer.

Check out all of Matt and Jacquie's work and upcoming shows, because they are two of the best.

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Friend of the show and New York based comedian Alisha Delp joins me for a laid back conversaton about the heat, procrastinating podcasting, karaoke, New York, podcasts, Cecil The Lion, singing and much more.

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Mal Smith (@malive) is back to give you her advice on love letters from an ex, burgers, finding happiness in a mosh pit, conquering humanity out of boredom, a man pretending to be a family's dalmation, what to name a boat, her disdain for cheese, dealing with pesky ghosts, natural wonders ideal for psychdelic experiences, watersports, fusion jazz destiny, whether Weezer is actually a good band and much more.

Check out Mal's wonderful new pop culture podcast @afewbeersin, follow her on Twitter, send us your questions and subscribe on iTunes!

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Fan favorite champion and returning (for the 4th time) guest Natasha Dye is here to talk about all the most important hot topics in the world such as - celebrity gossip, 4th of July, sexy animals, animal news, pop culture, Snapchat, driving, sunburn and so much more. Natasha is one of the best people to talk to on a podcast or on Twitter or at the mall.

Follow @NatashaDye, look for more episodes in July. Sorry this one took so long!

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In this very special episode returning champion guest and esteemed co-producer Mal Smith (@Malive) joins me as we go to work on planning out an entire fake superhero cinematic universe.

Featuring such exciting superheroes as Slimeboy, Built-Bear, End-Panda, Dora The Destroyer, Champagne-Supernova, Fast Loris, Christian Grey, Jacob from LOST, Hermione Granger, Tax-Man, First-Time Long-Time, Uncle Samantha, Captain Vape and many more.

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This week returning champion most frequent guest, friend of the show and certified expert on most things Mal Smith (@Malive) launches her own sub-podcast to dish out advice.

We take questions and hear Mal's advice on going to space camp, how to make money, how to make it in showbusiness, what to do about monster owls, what sex is, drugs, planet worhsip, and much more.

Send advice question to Mal or @bonpodcast to hear her advice on future episodes!

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For the monumental 40th episode of the podcast, returning champion guest Cole Johnston joins me to make a very arbitrary and yet definitive list of the top 40 most important things of all time. We debate our choices as we make the list, then read the whole assembled thing back. It is very exciting. 

Cole is on Twitter @KeyboardCole and he performs with the improv group Hoffman Saturday nights at Philly Improv Theater. Jacob is on Twitter @Ailite and the podcast is on Twitter @BONpodcast. Subscribe on iTunes, write in, leave a review, tell some friends, and keep listening!

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Returning champion Zack Connor and another Zack joins us to talk about their new podcast, summer, not knowing what day of the week it is, kayaking trips, Mad Max, What We Do In The Shadows, Destroyer, late night tv, podcasts galore, and much much more.

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In this very special episode of the Based on Nothing podcast I am joined in studio by repeat guest and friend of the show Kelsey Degnan. Near the end of the episode I realized that I have been doing this podcast for over a year and it becomes a joyous and celebratory affair.

The episode begins with a prayer and a state of the podcast address. We take LIVE calls from Karl Germanovich from the band Howlish, New York based comedian Alisha Delp, (who is coming to us live from a life or death battle with a mosquito) Michael Morrison, (who has scorching hot takes on Mad Men and Taylor Swift) and Rob Moden (host of the Orphan Black Clone Cast on the Nerdist network!)

Kelsey and I discuss Brand New and how she recently confronted part of the band Seether over their blatant rip off of the Brand New song ‘Daisy’, a lost episode of the Based on Nothing spinoff Where’s The Brand New Album? podcast, summer music like Hop Along and their wonderful new record, American Football, Yuck, Mikal Cronin, Rilo Kiley, Colleen Green, summer vacations, Disney World wishes and curses, Podcastaway the movie, the great Dancing Epidemic of 1518 which is my favorite thing to ever be talked about on this podcast, and finally we go through the new Brand New news. Sorry for the little popping sounds, but also fuck it.

Thank you to everyone who has been on or listened to this podcast over the past year. New episodes coming all through June/all summer/until the end of time.

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The wonderful band Lady Parts stoppped by my apartment over a month ago for a conversation about their music and their new EP that just came out (!!!), favorite Harry Potter and fictional characters, swords, sex trees, musical influences, Philadelphia and as 
usual with this podcast, whatever else comes up. This episode was almost lost forever in a laptop fire but it was salvaged and has songs from the band through and fun conversation. 

Check out the band at or their NEW EP HERE and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes for more episodes all summer long

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It's been awhile since the last episode due to devastating laptop problems and personal loss but this week the show is back up and running full steam ahead. My guest is dear friend Domenic Kelly from the Light Talk Boys podcast. We talk about maybe not wanting to do a podcast anymore, the worst things to win a free lifetime supply of, weird dreams, your brain playing tricks on your mouth, Hop Along and The Mountain Goats, wrestling, the misery of Craigslist, hot weather, how stupid the human body is, finding things to laugh at and much more.

Look for new episodes soon and subscribe on iTunes. Thank you for listening!

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It's that time of year again! All the stars with the deepest pockets are out for Based on Nothing's 35th Annual Karaoke For Charityoke Podcastathon Extravagnza For Charity. This episode features an all star lineup of guests singing grade A dive bar worthy karaoke in front of a live studio audience to raise fictional money for fictional charities. The guests are weird, the charities are weirder, the karaoke is specatular and the audience loves all of it.

Special thanks to Chet Williams, CJ Bowden, Max Scholnick, Luke Thornton, Kevin Stairiker, Natasha Dye, Mal Smith and Lady Parts. 

New friend and person I had never met before the day we recorded this Jess Bradley (@NewsWithJess) joins me for a fun episode in which two strangers get to know each other and record the first conversation that they ever have. Jess is a radio personality and music fan and she is a perfect first time guest.

We talk about about political discussion at funerals, placing trust in strangers, Courtney Barnett, Pavement and my inability to eloquently explain why their music is so magical to me, Mad Men, Firefly Festival and a multitude of other summer musc festivals and lineups, going viral, Blink-182, Modest Mouse, Milky Chance and much more. 

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The podcast no one asked for is back to ask the question that haunts us more than any other - Where is Brand New's brand new album? It seems closer than ever with the band paying new material live, releasing their old demos on cassette and sending out The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me lyric books almost nine years after the fact. Brand New are giving their fans more intrigue than ever lately and it seems like something is right around the corner.

Friend of the show and Brand New scholar Crit, who has seen Brand New live 34 times, joins us.

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This week I am joined by my friend Zack Connor for a discussion about some our of favorite and least favorite movies, Game of Thrones, Mad Men, getting arrested on the way to Bonnaroo, how sad everything is, Richard Linklater's Before trilogy, The Jinx and much more.

More new episodes coming soon. Subscribe on iTunes and savage us in the reviews.

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In an episode recorded way back in the yesteryear of March 16th, 2015 I am joined by friend and guest c0-host TJ Wells for a film and television centric episode. We talk about our undying love for LOST, Six Feet Under, surprise Christian plot twists, House of Cards, Better Call Saul, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, The Daily Show, Quentin Tarantino movies, Now You See Me for the 3rd episode in a row, James Bond, Tom Leykis, John Wick, and much more.

Thank you for listening and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes for all April and future episodes!

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In episode #32 but actually #31 of the podcast Jacob is joined by Max Scholnick and Cole Johnston, members of the Philadelphia improv team Hoffman. Hoffman performs regularly at the Philly Improv Theater on Saturday nights.

We have a lively discussion about chance meetings, falling off bikes, weather, magic, Philadelphia, Kickstarters, death and dying, Disney World, dying in Disney World, movies and music we're excited about an much more.

Thank you for listening and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes!

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The Philadelphia band DEAD is here and they are wonderful

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Spenser is amicably moving on to greener pastures. Jacob announces his departure as co-host and his plans for the future of the show. Jacob's friend and guest co-host Matt Zimel joins him to discuss great movies, shitty movies, being sad, what makes us laugh, Los Angeles, television, music and much more.

It's a transitionary time for the Based on Nothing podcast, but it's not going anywhere.

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It's the twenty-fourth episode of the Based on Nothing podcast and Jacob invites his two talented friends Abi Reimold and Kelsey Degnan to chat. The trio discuss Modest Mouse, music festivals, Abi's music (which she performs greatly throughout the show), and Spenser's second untimely death. 

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The new year is here and Jacob and Spenser ring it in by talking about what they're most excited about for 2015. Movies like Star Wars, and TV shows like The Americans, the two discuss what's worth waiting for (amongst regular silly conversation).

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For the thirteenth episode of the podcast, Jacob and Spenser welcome 3/4ths of the band Mumblr! Nick Morrison, Sean Reilly, and Scott Stitzer discuss the band's new album, Full of Snakes, and their upcoming tour dates. Check out Mumblr over at and don't forget to subscribe to our podcast here.

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To celebrate their tenth grueling episode, Mal joins Jacob and Spenser for crazy discussions. The three of them beg the question of when to appropriately wash pants, and just why USA welcomes characters but nothing else, among other bizarre conversation you can always count on here at Based on Nothing. Remember to email us at!

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In the first episode of Tired of Weezer, hosts Spenser Milo and Layne Montgomery delve into the band's debut album commonly known as The Blue Album. They shamelessly talk optimistically about the band as if it's 1994 and not 2014, and get into some personal stories about the album's affects on both of them. Jacob Harrington pops in to give a third opinion about the album. Also Layne eats dinner.

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In the sixth episode of the Based on Nothing podcast, Jacob and Spenser welcome Chet Williams and Mikaela Marie! The four of them talk extensively about the haunted places of Philadelphia, which then goes into implied Harry Potter sex scenes. Chet performs three songs throughout the podcast and Santa Claus makes an appearance, along with Baby Jesus. It's a fun podcast for the entire family because of Mikaela's constant Philadelphia facts. Listen, enjoy, and check out Chet on Bandcamp and Mikaela on Twitter. Also, hey, email us over at and subscribe to us on iTunes!

Introduction - 0:00
Spenser answers questions/How Jacob met Mikaela - 3:30
Haunted places in Philadelphia - 6:45
Super serious ghost talk - 11:00
Harry Potter sex scenes - 14:15
"Nervous" by Chet Williams - 20:00
The Office talk - 24:20
Recommendin' - 30:45
"Have You Ever Noticed?" (Emmys talk) - 40:00
"Watching Out For You" by Chet Williams - 44:00
Thomas Jefferson is three dogs - 49:00
Santa Claus interrupts and chaos ensues - 52:30
Mikaela explains democracy/Outro - 1:13:00
"Home for Supper" by Chet Williams - 1:16:30

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