Based on Nothing

It's the last episode of the year for the Based on Nothing podcast and Spenser and Jacob want to let 2014 free into the wild. They, along with Mal, discuss the year in success, failure, and whether or not VCRs will make a comeback in 2015.

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The fifth episode of Where's the Brand New Album finally conquers the c-c-c-controversial Brand New record, Daisy. Jacob and Spenser (and special guest Mal!) try to put a fire out with gasoline as they unravel just why Daisy gets so much hate to begin with. Topics include Brand New's live shows, the one dollar conspiracy, and much more!

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Here to talk about Brand New's monumental album, The Devil and God Are Raging Inside of Me, are Spenser and Jacob in the fourth episode of Where's the Brand New Album? They, accompanied by the great Isaac Leggett, discuss Modest Mouse, Say Anything, whether or not lambs are really innocent,and the usual Brand New-discussion that obviously makes this podcast this podcast.

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It's been a while since the last episode of the Based on Nothing podcast, but here is number twenty! Jacob and Spenser celebrate the milestone quickly before introducing comedians Caitlin Feeney and Elise Thomson-Hohl. The four discuss things such as the perfect TV show to watch after masturbating, impressions, Philadelphia, and the weather. 

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It's been two weeks since the last episode and Where's the Brand New Album? is slowing down discussion about a specific record from Brand New and just talking about the band themselves. This episode plays around with format -- two guests! three segments! -- in which conversation goes as far as the band's silent presence, those mysterious demos, the music scene in general, Kevin Devine, and the extremely popular Layne Montgomery. Andrew Gelburd and Matthew Ryan join in for "Fighting Off Your Deja Devil Demons."

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