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It's the last episode of the year for the Based on Nothing podcast and Spenser and Jacob want to let 2014 free into the wild. They, along with Mal, discuss the year in success, failure, and whether or not VCRs will make a comeback in 2015.

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The fifth episode of Where's the Brand New Album finally conquers the c-c-c-controversial Brand New record, Daisy. Jacob and Spenser (and special guest Mal!) try to put a fire out with gasoline as they unravel just why Daisy gets so much hate to begin with. Topics include Brand New's live shows, the one dollar conspiracy, and much more!

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Here to talk about Brand New's monumental album, The Devil and God Are Raging Inside of Me, are Spenser and Jacob in the fourth episode of Where's the Brand New Album? They, accompanied by the great Isaac Leggett, discuss Modest Mouse, Say Anything, whether or not lambs are really innocent,and the usual Brand New-discussion that obviously makes this podcast this podcast.

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It's been a while since the last episode of the Based on Nothing podcast, but here is number twenty! Jacob and Spenser celebrate the milestone quickly before introducing comedians Caitlin Feeney and Elise Thomson-Hohl. The four discuss things such as the perfect TV show to watch after masturbating, impressions, Philadelphia, and the weather. 

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It's been two weeks since the last episode and Where's the Brand New Album? is slowing down discussion about a specific record from Brand New and just talking about the band themselves. This episode plays around with format -- two guests! three segments! -- in which conversation goes as far as the band's silent presence, those mysterious demos, the music scene in general, Kevin Devine, and the extremely popular Layne Montgomery. Andrew Gelburd and Matthew Ryan join in for "Fighting Off Your Deja Devil Demons."

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In an unusual turn of events, Jacob is left by himself without Spenser for the nineteenth episode of the Based on Nothing podcast. Fear not, dear Jacob, as your friend Megan Carter will join you and help out with the always fascinating discussion found on the podcast! Topics include: Game of Thrones, Interstellar, Transparent, and good ol' HBO. 

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It's the second episode of the only podcast that asks the age-old question, "Where's the Brand New Album?" and in this episode they discuss Brand New's sophomore record, Deja Entendu. With guest Drew Beringer (, Spenser and Jacob go through the monumental album track-by-track, talk about the band's social media presence (or lack thereof), Spider-Man, Dashboard Confessional, and Matthew McConaughey.

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The time has come for another podcast where we talk about a band's discography, and that band is Brand New. Where's The Brand New Album? asks the age-old question, "where's that goddamn brand new album from the band Brand New?" In this episode, Spenser and Jacob pose the question, can't find the answer, and so they discuss Brand New's debut album, Your Favorite Weapon. In depth conversation gets crazy when they talk about each track individually, national tragedies, and, for some reason, Dashboard Confessional. This is just the beginning of this podcast so subscribe to us on iTunes, write to us at, and follow us on Twitter (@brandnewpodcast)!

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In the eighteenth episode of the Based on Nothing podcast, Jacob and Spenser delve into conversation about the recent Marvel movie plan reveal. With Matt Harper (from the band Dead), Jan Tarkovsy (a made up person) and Luke Thornton, the discussion goes to great highs with technical difficulities to bring it all down. They survive, thankfully, enough to welcome the world-renowned artist Banksy onto the show, where he talks about his recent capture.

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The entirety of the sixteenth episode of Based on Nothing is all about Taylor Swift. How excited are we for her new album, 1989? What do we think of her music videos? What will she name her next kitten? We ask the die-hard questions with Mal Smith and Natasha Dye with us in the studio -- and a mysterious woman named Berthany. Listen to the extremely fun episode and don't forget to subscribe to us on iTunes and email us over at!

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In the ninth episode of Tired of Weezer, Spenser and Layne put on their headphones one last time to discuss the band's latest album, Everything Will Be Alright In The End. They welcome Jacob as Spenser tells the story of how Layne and him met, seeing a Weezer tribute band, the topic of Ebola, and eventually get to Everything Will Be Alright In The End. Don't forget to subscribe to us on iTunes and email us at! Also follow us on Twitter! @tiredofweezer


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The fifteenth episode of Based on Nothing features a little Based on Nothing party as hosts Spenser Milo and Jacob Harrington invite long-time contributor Jim Testa into the mix. The three of them, alongside Mal Smith (because duh), discuss the definition and history of "the scene," Gotham, The Flash, A to Z, Selfie, Mulaney, and Showtime's upcoming series The Affair. After the TV-talk is done with, they invite Special Agent Joe Meechum to talk about the secret service and his upcoming new book. Don't forget to subscribe to us on iTunes and email us at


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Tired of Weezer #7: "Raditude/Hurley"

In the long-awaited seventh episode, Tired of Weezer tackles the enigmas that are Weezer's seventh and eighth albums; Raditude and Hurley. Layne and Spenser recruit Jacob to help discuss the masterpiece albums, figuring out just how perfect songs like "I'm Your Daddy" and "In the Mall" were constructed. The duo also answer Jacob's biggest question: Is Pat Wilson, the actor, also the drummer of Weezer? Find out!

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For the thirteenth episode of the podcast, Jacob and Spenser welcome 3/4ths of the band Mumblr! Nick Morrison, Sean Reilly, and Scott Stitzer discuss the band's new album, Full of Snakes, and their upcoming tour dates. Check out Mumblr over at and don't forget to subscribe to our podcast here.

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In the twelfth episode of the podcast, Spenser and Jacob welcome Crit (from and Mal to discuss one of their favorite shows, Lost. The four talk about hidden scenes that nobody ever saw, memories attached to the show, favorite episodes, favorite lines, and much more! They even discuss Friends and are interrupted by Lost's own character named Jacob. Remember to subscribe to the podcast and email us at

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After a week off, the Based on Nothing podcast is back! Spenser and Jacob welcome Andrew Van Tubbs onto the show, who is not only hilarious and interesting, but also making dinner at the time of recording. The three talk about said dinner, living in "the biz," the Apple iWatch, the amazingness of The O.C., and much more like U2! Remember to subscribe to us on iTunes and check out Andrew's comedy show, PeachyComedy!

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Tired of Weezer #6: "The Red Album"

It's Tired of Weezer's sixth episode, where Layne and Spenser talk get dangerous and talk about the band's third self-titled album commonly known as The Red Album. In this episode, the two discuss their early memories of purchasing this album, the fantastic bridge of the awful song "Everybody Get Dangerous," and Spenser explains video games.

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To celebrate their tenth grueling episode, Mal joins Jacob and Spenser for crazy discussions. The three of them beg the question of when to appropriately wash pants, and just why USA welcomes characters but nothing else, among other bizarre conversation you can always count on here at Based on Nothing. Remember to email us at!

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In the fifth episode, Tired of Weezer hosts Spenser and Layne trudge through the band's biggest album, Make Believe. They discuss Rivers' insistence of playing cover songs, how awful this album is, and "Beverly Hills" being what's wrong with everything in the universe. Also, Spenser loses his mind by trying to explain an alternate universe theory about Weezer to Layne. 

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In the ninth episode of the Based on Nothing Podcast, Spenser and Jacob talk about the sudden and tragic loss of Robin Williams. They soon realize that it's just them on this podcast, no guest, and have a time of recollection on just what that all means. Eventually Spider-Man and Woody Allen are brought up, as they usually are in unison, and then Pete Holmes talks to Jacob in an exclusive interview with Based on Nothing. Remember to email us at!

Introduction - 0:00
Robin Williams - 3:00
No guest discussion/Based on Nothing reflection - 6:00
"Great Stories" - 10:45
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - 13:35
Woody Allen - 16:00
"In The Loop" - 20:00
Pete Holmes interview - 23:30
Gatorade/Hypothetical talk show - 39:00
Guardians of the Galaxy - 45:00
The Hobbit - 54:00
Music! - 58:00

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Tired of Weezer #4: "Maladroit"

In the fourth episode of Tired of Weezer, Spenser and Layne coincidentally discuss Weezer's fourth album, Maladroit. They try to uncover Weezer's secrets of releasing an album within a year after the Green album. Also, they speak their feelings about Weezer's new single, "Back to the Shack." Layne wins The World Series as well.

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In the eighth episode of the Based on Nothing Podcast, Jacob and Spenser welcome their friend Drew Jenkins. The three of them discuss the mountain of gay porn that Jacob came across, The Wire, Kickstarter, Saturday Night Live, and much much more. Email us at and don't forget to subscribe to us on iTunes here.

Introduction/weather - 0:00
Gay porn treasure cove - 4:00
The Wire - 11:00
Kickstarter - 15:00
Thanks, Obama - 23:15
Drew's life tale/Philadelphia - 25:30
Comedy! - 38:15
Saturday Night Live - 44:00
Gay porn part 2 - 48:00
Ryan Gosling - 52:00
Get On Up - 54:00
Exit - 60:00

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In the third episode, Tired of Weezer conquers Weezer's second self-titled album commonly known as The Green Album. Layne and Spenser try to understand the mystery of "Crab," the Mary Kate and Ashley movie comeback, bassist Scott Shriner vs. Mikey Welsh, and then Layne listens to Cold's "Stupid Girl," a song Rivers Cuomo wrote for the band. It's a hoot and a little bit longer than the actual Green album. Enjoy.

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In the seventh episode of the Based on Nothing podcast, Spenser and Jacob welcome their good friend Luke! The three discuss the weirdness that is first names, Star Wars, the entire Spider Man franchise, FX allegedly having the movies, and much more; Luke becomes a robot! Mal speaks to us from Comic-Con! Please email us over at and subscribe over at iTunes.

3:00 - Names and Star Wars games
8:00 - Spider Man franchise
10:50 - FX has the movies
12:00 - True Detective casting
16:00 - 24
17:30 - Things we endorse
21:00 - Mary Kate and Ashley discussion
23:30 - Luke is a robot
24:30 - Orange is the New Black
26:00 - Spoiler talk
29:30 - Live from Comic-Con!!! (Mal on the floor)
35:00 - The Leftovers and the definition of "doozy"
36:40 - Bonnaroo
41: 00 - "Think Piece"

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In the second episode of Tired of Weezer, Layne and Spenser cover the band's sophomore album, Pinkerton. They discuss the crazy history of the album within Rivers' life and their own, along with falling in love with Anne Frank, lesbians, and their distant relationship across the sea.


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In the first episode of Tired of Weezer, hosts Spenser Milo and Layne Montgomery delve into the band's debut album commonly known as The Blue Album. They shamelessly talk optimistically about the band as if it's 1994 and not 2014, and get into some personal stories about the album's affects on both of them. Jacob Harrington pops in to give a third opinion about the album. Also Layne eats dinner.

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In the sixth episode of the Based on Nothing podcast, Jacob and Spenser welcome Chet Williams and Mikaela Marie! The four of them talk extensively about the haunted places of Philadelphia, which then goes into implied Harry Potter sex scenes. Chet performs three songs throughout the podcast and Santa Claus makes an appearance, along with Baby Jesus. It's a fun podcast for the entire family because of Mikaela's constant Philadelphia facts. Listen, enjoy, and check out Chet on Bandcamp and Mikaela on Twitter. Also, hey, email us over at and subscribe to us on iTunes!

Introduction - 0:00
Spenser answers questions/How Jacob met Mikaela - 3:30
Haunted places in Philadelphia - 6:45
Super serious ghost talk - 11:00
Harry Potter sex scenes - 14:15
"Nervous" by Chet Williams - 20:00
The Office talk - 24:20
Recommendin' - 30:45
"Have You Ever Noticed?" (Emmys talk) - 40:00
"Watching Out For You" by Chet Williams - 44:00
Thomas Jefferson is three dogs - 49:00
Santa Claus interrupts and chaos ensues - 52:30
Mikaela explains democracy/Outro - 1:13:00
"Home for Supper" by Chet Williams - 1:16:30

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In the fifth episode of the Based on Nothing Podcast, Jacob and Spenser welcome their friends Luke Shefski and Kevin Stairiker to the podcast. Together, Luke and Kevin perform songs from their respective bands Port Arthur and Traffic Nightmare and join the usual bizarre discussion of Jacob's uncle Buck, Star Wars, Personal Problems, and play games like How Many Twitter Followers Do You Have? Listen, enjoy, and don't forget to subscribe to use on iTunes and email us at!

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#4 - Natasha Dye

In the fourth episode of the podcast, Jacob and Spenser welcome guest Natasha Dye! The three of them discuss the adventure that is OK Cupid, the television show that is Pretty Little Liars, and just why the hell previous guest Layne Montgomery is there to disrupt Natasha's moment. Conversation also includes baby names, animal movies, vomit, and Taylor Swift's cats.

Be sure to follow Natasha on Twitter here.

Announcements/Star Wars discussion - 0:00
Natasha Dye introduction/OK Cupid justification - 11:30
Layne explains why he's there - 15:00
Glee - 17:00
Pretty Little Liars - 21:00
LA vs. New York/Mom talk - 26:15
Pop music discussion - 30:00
Fun facts - 33:30
Names/Animal movies/Names - 36:00
Catfish - 45:30
Taylor Swift talk - 47:25
"When Did You Last Throw Up?" - 51:50
"How Many Twitter Followers Do You Have?" - 54:00
"In the Loop" - 56:00

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#3 - Mal

In the third episode of the Based on Nothing podcast, Jacob and Spenser welcome their very good friend Mal Smith. The three discuss their personal history, Harrison Ford, Lost, their Twitter followers, and have a surprise interview with "George Lucas."

You can find Mal over on Twitter @malive and don't forget to email us at!

"What Are You Wearing?" - 3:48
Harrison Ford - 4:59
"In the Loop" - 6:00
NBC/Community/Star Wars/Mal's recent pop culture ignorance - 6:47
Summer movies (or lack thereof) - 12:08
The Leftovers/Lost - 15:00
"How Many Twitter Followers Do You Have?" - 19:00
Mal talks for one straight minute - 20:20
Anticipated movies (or lack thereof) - 23:oo
"In the Loop part 2" - 24:14
"Have You Ever Noticed?" - 25:45
The World Cup - 27:40
"George Lucas" interview - 29:oo
"Personal Problems - 36:17
Wrap up - 38:48

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#2 - Layne Montgomery

In the second episode of the Based on Nothing podcast, Spenser and Jacob welcome Layne Montgomery as their guest. The trio discuss amazing things like the emo revival, Voldemort’s economic policy, Hurricane Sandy, True Detective season 2, and Star Wars Episode VII. You can find Layne over on Twitterand don’t forget to email us at about your thoughts!

3:00 – Reunion tours/Emo revival
5:20 – The Great American Novel talk
7:30 – “Have You Ever Noticed?”
8:47 – Game of Thrones/Click bait (no spoilers)
15:30 – New York discussion
17:45 – Based on Nothing Facebook talk
20:05 – True Detective season 2 casting speculation
24:40 – “What We’re Doing This Summer”

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#1 - Repodcast

We have a new podcast, again. That’s right, Spenser Milo and Jacob Harrington have teamed up to recreate the Based on Nothing glory days by doing what they do best: talk about pop culture. In an effort to do just that, they take on the topics of Mad Men‘s seventh season, the cancellation of Community, and the latest album from Conor Oberst. In between those topics of course are the usual hijinks that kids love and parents hate. Enjoy the podcast below!

9:30 – AMC talk
14:22 – Mad Men season 7 (NO SPOILERS)
17:10 – TV show investment discussion
22:10 – Community
29:37 – Conor Oberst – Upside Down Mountain discussion
35:40 – Concert talk

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