Based on Nothing

Friend of the show Luke Thornton (@MrLukeThornton) joins me for the end of an era even though nothing ever ends

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Fellow Star Wars nerd Ryan Silberstein (@Silberwhatever) from @Cinema76 joins me to discuss THE MANDALORIAN

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Friend of the show and returning champion Ryan Silberstein (@Silberwhatever) joins me to discuss Star Wars, Rian Johnson, Knives Out, The Mandalorian, two wet balnkets getting fired off Star Wars and much more.

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Friend of the show and all time guest TJ Wells is back to talk shit with me about movies and tv and stuff.

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All star guest @Malive from A Few Beers In returns to the show. We talk about her complicated feelings regarding new era Taylor Swift and car accidents, The Lion King, Friends, the very good dog in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, Jeremy Renner's music, Galaxy's Edge, Natalie Portman and more.

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Friend of the show @PoorFrisco87 joins me to talk about Big Little Lies, Too Old To Die Young, Detective Pikachu, John Wick 3, The Beach Bum, Under The Silver Lake, Michael Mann movies, how weird and strange life is and much more.

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Writer Alex Kane (@alexjkane) joins me on the show this week for a discussion about his book Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic. It's an in depth oral history of the classic and beloved game and you can get it right now! from Boss Fight Books. We also talk everything Star Wars, the Halo video games, the Coen Brothers, the Alien movies, our love of sci-fi and more. 

If I don't do a big five year anniversary episode this month, I'll do it next month. Thank you for listening for the last five years.

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My friend Ian Kimble (@iguessian) from Shoestring Gold Films is back. The movie Dead Giveaway that we made together two years ago is premiering at the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival on May 10th. We talk about shooting the movie, our dumb lives, First Man, Elizabeth Holmes, Her Smell, scammers and more. All the while Ian plays Spider-Man on PS4. It's thrilling

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Friend of the show @HeIsMaxBarth to talk about his band Jackson Moe, how fucked up American politics and 2020 are, living in Philadelphia, and how great the movie Walk Hard is. 

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