Based on Nothing

In this very special episode returning champion guest and esteemed co-producer Mal Smith (@Malive) joins me as we go to work on planning out an entire fake superhero cinematic universe.

Featuring such exciting superheroes as Slimeboy, Built-Bear, End-Panda, Dora The Destroyer, Champagne-Supernova, Fast Loris, Christian Grey, Jacob from LOST, Hermione Granger, Tax-Man, First-Time Long-Time, Uncle Samantha, Captain Vape and many more.

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This week returning champion most frequent guest, friend of the show and certified expert on most things Mal Smith (@Malive) launches her own sub-podcast to dish out advice.

We take questions and hear Mal's advice on going to space camp, how to make money, how to make it in showbusiness, what to do about monster owls, what sex is, drugs, planet worhsip, and much more.

Send advice question to Mal or @bonpodcast to hear her advice on future episodes!

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For the monumental 40th episode of the podcast, returning champion guest Cole Johnston joins me to make a very arbitrary and yet definitive list of the top 40 most important things of all time. We debate our choices as we make the list, then read the whole assembled thing back. It is very exciting. 

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Returning champion Zack Connor and another Zack joins us to talk about their new podcast, summer, not knowing what day of the week it is, kayaking trips, Mad Max, What We Do In The Shadows, Destroyer, late night tv, podcasts galore, and much much more.

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