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All star returning guest @MrLukeThornton is back on the show! One of my favorite people to talk and one of my favorite episodes! We talk about how terrible 2016 has been, a very strange video of Kim Catrall and her husband, a historical Ocean's 13 banner that has been hanging in my neighboorhood in Kensington for over 9 years, clowns in the woods???, the weather, singing while biking, crying, comics, television like Atlanta, movies like Hunt For The Wilderpeople and Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping, Around The World In 80 Days for some reason, the 9/11 issue of Spider-Man and much more! This is a really fun episode because Luke is one of the best!

6 more episodes to go! Rate and review on iTunes! @BONpodast! New episodes coming at you in October!

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Dan Drago from @25oclockPod, a great Philadelphia podcast, is on the show this week. We get to know each other and discuss - Philadelphia, the good and bad parts of having a podcast, biking/staying alive while biking, comics like Warren Ellis' Planetary and Brian K. Vaughn's Saga, music like Hop Along/The Tragically Hip/Robin Hitchcock/Destroyer and much more. Dan is a great guest and you should check out his podcast!


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Talking about basically nothing except movies and television with @Poorfrisco87

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