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In an unusual turn of events, Jacob is left by himself without Spenser for the nineteenth episode of the Based on Nothing podcast. Fear not, dear Jacob, as your friend Megan Carter will join you and help out with the always fascinating discussion found on the podcast! Topics include: Game of Thrones, Interstellar, Transparent, and good ol' HBO. 

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It's the second episode of the only podcast that asks the age-old question, "Where's the Brand New Album?" and in this episode they discuss Brand New's sophomore record, Deja Entendu. With guest Drew Beringer (, Spenser and Jacob go through the monumental album track-by-track, talk about the band's social media presence (or lack thereof), Spider-Man, Dashboard Confessional, and Matthew McConaughey.

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The time has come for another podcast where we talk about a band's discography, and that band is Brand New. Where's The Brand New Album? asks the age-old question, "where's that goddamn brand new album from the band Brand New?" In this episode, Spenser and Jacob pose the question, can't find the answer, and so they discuss Brand New's debut album, Your Favorite Weapon. In depth conversation gets crazy when they talk about each track individually, national tragedies, and, for some reason, Dashboard Confessional. This is just the beginning of this podcast so subscribe to us on iTunes, write to us at, and follow us on Twitter (@brandnewpodcast)!

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In the eighteenth episode of the Based on Nothing podcast, Jacob and Spenser delve into conversation about the recent Marvel movie plan reveal. With Matt Harper (from the band Dead), Jan Tarkovsy (a made up person) and Luke Thornton, the discussion goes to great highs with technical difficulities to bring it all down. They survive, thankfully, enough to welcome the world-renowned artist Banksy onto the show, where he talks about his recent capture.

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