Based on Nothing

Philadelphia stand up comedians Drew Castellano (@DrewCastellano) and Sarah Bell (@cerebelum1) join me this week on the podcast. They are both very funny and fun to talk to. We talk about stand up and comedy in Philadelphia, pizza, Shia Labeouf, play an exciting round of trivia and Name Ten Podcasts, our favorite stand up albums, open up the pop culture book club and much more.

This is a fun episode! There are 3-5 more coming at you in December with great guests to wrap up the year! Subscribe to the podcast and rate and review on iTunes and keep on listening.

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An old friend and someone I love talking to is back on the podcast this week - @DomeKelly! I try not to curse for awhile. We talk about the best and worst things to win infinite lifetime supplies of (a favorite topic of ours), seeing Destroyer live, mimicking someone else’s singing voice, Hot Topic nostalgia, Star Wars VII and Daniel Fleetwood, Name Ten Podcasts, selling up and not out, The End Of The Tour, traveling, a much needed Hardy Boys movie frachise and much more.

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Andrew VanTubbs (YoItsTubbs) returns to the podcast to talk about daylight saving's time, a certain celebrity that lied about 9/11, Halloween post-mortem, conversational cliches, Phish, Weezer's new songs, Beach Slang, yard sales, using Hollywood to fix the national debt, Fargo and much more.

More episodes coming at you through the end of November. Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, please rate and review it, and follow the show on Twitter @BONpodcast. Thank you for listening. Listen to Mr. November by The National. 

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All star returning guest and co-host of Tired of Weezer Layne Montgomery is back on the podcast! We talk about Weezer’s new song, the future of being tired of Weezer, the Mets, Scrubs, Fargo, musical projects, Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye and Sex Criminals, and much more. Also, we hear from Tom Delonge and it is fascinating.

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