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Ryan Silberstein (@Silberwhatever) joins me to discuss a movie we have both been highly anticipating for a long time: Lana Wachowski's The Matrix Resurrections. I am very happy to say that we both love the movie and all of the weird tricks it has up its sleeve. It is first and foremost an epic romance movie, and it is very passionate and earnest. We are so happy that it exists.

Episode 200 is finally coming in January, and the podcast may continue to exist into 2022. We'll see you next year.

Spoilers for Resurrections and one large spoiler for Spider-Man: No Way Home

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Ryan Silberstein (@Silberwhatever) joins me to look back on the long, sad history of this podcast and it's best episodes and guests who have helped keep it going over the yeara.

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For the 2nd Non-Annual 10/4 Good Buddy Celebration we hear from truckers out there sailing across the seas of lands far and wide about their adventures and journeys. Featuring @DanScully, @Silberwhatever, @Filmadelphia, and @Malive. 

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In the final (for now) episode of Understanding In A Podcast, cohost Andy joins me to talk about Thursday's (for now) final and excellent album No Devolucion. 

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For episode #4 of Understanding In A Podcast Andy Freedman and I are joined by my old friend Blake Higdon (@october_blood) to discuss Thursday's 4th album A City By The Light Divided. This show as Blake's idea - it was his suggestion that we do a Thursday podcast and I am very grateful to him for reminding me how much I love this band's music.

This album is a big growth of the band's sound and we mostly love it more than ever now that it is fifteen years old. We also talk about Rockstar Energy drinks, Thrice, Manchester Orchestra, Murder By Death, Circa Survive, and The Sopranos, Andy's trip to Atlantic City for Sopranos Con, and THE EMPTY MAN.

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Andy returns for episode #3 of UNDERSTANDING IN A POD CAST. We discuss Thursday's debut album Waiting, recently remastered and rereleased. We also discuss the b-sides Ladies and Gentlemen, My Brother The Failure and Jet Black New Year, arguably the fan favorite Thursday track. In addition to all this we talk about hoagies, New Jersey, The Sopranos, depression in our technological communication wonderland/dystopia and more. Episode #4 next month. 

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Andy joins me for episode two of Understanding In A Podcast to talk about Thursday's emo all timer classic album WAR ALL THE TIME. We talk about the album track by track and it's themes of post 9/11 America in decay, New Jersey, The Sopranos, Spike Lee's 25th Hour, Thursday's Signals 3 livestream show and more. 

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Dom Nero (@Dominicknero) is a video editor and writer at Esquire and co-host of Eye Of The Duck, an excellent film podcast. He joins me to talk about Twin Peaks The Return, The Matrix Reloaded, Ghost of Tsushima, The Last of Us Part 2, Ishtar, The Mandalorian, Star Wars at large, Knights of The Old Republic, Colin Trevorrow's Duel of The Fates script, The George Lucas Talk Show and much more. He also tells a great story about being a middle man for a journalist and Colin Trevorrow himself about a mysterious Jurassic Park tattoo. 

Eye of The Duck can be found @Eyeoftheduckpod and anywhere podcasts are. 

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For the first episode of Understanding In A Pod Cast, Andrew Freedman joins me to talk about Thursday, Full Collapse, the band's discography, where we were in our lives when we discovered this album vs. where we are now and more. 


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All timer guest Rae Paoletta (@PAYOLETTER) makes her long awaited return to the podcast to discuss the Lord Of The Rings Trilogy. We both absolutely adore all three films and have been thinking about them a lot in recent months, for obvious reasons! We delve into our favorite performances, moments, themes and feelings of the trilogy, and which parts make us cry the most. . We also discuss the cult horror film The Empty Man, the Snyder cut, Troy, Master & Commander, space and more. 


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MovieJawn's Ryan Silberstein (@Silberwhatever) returns to discuss movies, duh. We talk about CHAOS WALKING, The Snyder Cut, Troy, Elaine May, Tomb Raider and more. More episodes next month. Only 11 episodes to go!

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Mal Smith and Natasha Dye return to discuss Taylor Swift's new album Evermore and Goodbye Earl

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