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To celebrate their tenth grueling episode, Mal joins Jacob and Spenser for crazy discussions. The three of them beg the question of when to appropriately wash pants, and just why USA welcomes characters but nothing else, among other bizarre conversation you can always count on here at Based on Nothing. Remember to email us at!

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In the fifth episode, Tired of Weezer hosts Spenser and Layne trudge through the band's biggest album, Make Believe. They discuss Rivers' insistence of playing cover songs, how awful this album is, and "Beverly Hills" being what's wrong with everything in the universe. Also, Spenser loses his mind by trying to explain an alternate universe theory about Weezer to Layne. 

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In the ninth episode of the Based on Nothing Podcast, Spenser and Jacob talk about the sudden and tragic loss of Robin Williams. They soon realize that it's just them on this podcast, no guest, and have a time of recollection on just what that all means. Eventually Spider-Man and Woody Allen are brought up, as they usually are in unison, and then Pete Holmes talks to Jacob in an exclusive interview with Based on Nothing. Remember to email us at!

Introduction - 0:00
Robin Williams - 3:00
No guest discussion/Based on Nothing reflection - 6:00
"Great Stories" - 10:45
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - 13:35
Woody Allen - 16:00
"In The Loop" - 20:00
Pete Holmes interview - 23:30
Gatorade/Hypothetical talk show - 39:00
Guardians of the Galaxy - 45:00
The Hobbit - 54:00
Music! - 58:00

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Tired of Weezer #4: "Maladroit"

In the fourth episode of Tired of Weezer, Spenser and Layne coincidentally discuss Weezer's fourth album, Maladroit. They try to uncover Weezer's secrets of releasing an album within a year after the Green album. Also, they speak their feelings about Weezer's new single, "Back to the Shack." Layne wins The World Series as well.

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In the eighth episode of the Based on Nothing Podcast, Jacob and Spenser welcome their friend Drew Jenkins. The three of them discuss the mountain of gay porn that Jacob came across, The Wire, Kickstarter, Saturday Night Live, and much much more. Email us at and don't forget to subscribe to us on iTunes here.

Introduction/weather - 0:00
Gay porn treasure cove - 4:00
The Wire - 11:00
Kickstarter - 15:00
Thanks, Obama - 23:15
Drew's life tale/Philadelphia - 25:30
Comedy! - 38:15
Saturday Night Live - 44:00
Gay porn part 2 - 48:00
Ryan Gosling - 52:00
Get On Up - 54:00
Exit - 60:00

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In the third episode, Tired of Weezer conquers Weezer's second self-titled album commonly known as The Green Album. Layne and Spenser try to understand the mystery of "Crab," the Mary Kate and Ashley movie comeback, bassist Scott Shriner vs. Mikey Welsh, and then Layne listens to Cold's "Stupid Girl," a song Rivers Cuomo wrote for the band. It's a hoot and a little bit longer than the actual Green album. Enjoy.

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