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Returning guest @MrLukeThornton is back on the show to talk about late night tv, the 9/11 issue of Spider-Man and Dr. Doom crying in it, Spider-Man books in general, Saga and Nextwave, seeing Bruce Springsteen live, Love on Netflix, Angie Tribeca, alliterative names, crappy superheroes and more. 

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Beloved fan favorite returning champion guest COLE JOHNSTON ( is back on the show. We talk, we play games, I very briefly cry, we get to the bottom of stuff, we pretend to be movie characters. It's a fun one.

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It's exactly what the title says. New episode out Thursday!

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Sorry for the break! We're back with a new episode with guest Jake Jenkins (@JakeJ654) from Jake and I have a lot in common musically. We talk about our mutual adoration for Thursday and Brand New as well as Owen, Taking Back Sunday, Yellowcard, Jack's Mannequin, Thrice, Foxing, Say Anything and much more. We also talk about living in the future, Wikipedia holes, famous cats and dogs, winter, the absolutely fantastic Spider-Man 2 soundtrack, and the absolutely terrible 9/11 issue of The Amazing Spider-Man.

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