Based on Nothing

TJ Wells and spent Christmas Eve enjoying The Muppet Christmas Carol.

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Watch Martin Campbell's 1998 masterpiece THE MASK OF ZORRO with TJ Wells and I

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To celebrate 10/4 Good Buddy Day truckers from around the country call into the show to talk about life on the road.

Featuring in order of appearance: Garrett Smith (@filmadelphia), Mal Smith (@Malive), Dan Scully (@DanScully), Ryan Silberstein (@Silberwhatever), and Natasha Dye (@natashadye)

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Ryan Silberstein (@Silberwhatever) returns and we discuss many things, but mostly the 1996 Robert Zemeckis film Contact.

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Two of the best people who have ever been on the podcast, Mal Smith (@Malive) and Natasha Dye (@NatashaDye) return for an in in depth discussion of Taylor Swift's new album Folklore. 

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My good friend Ryan Silberstein (@Silberwhatever) joins me to talk about the Lord of The Rings movies, Star Wars toys, First Cow and Kelly Reichardt, life during pandemic times, Halo games, giving up on ever seeing Tenet and much more.

Ryan hosts The Shame Files Podcast, FYeahF1, and I Saw It In A Movie. He also runs with his wife Jill.

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TJ Wells and I discuss what we've been watching and try not to talk too much about the world falling apart. We also talk about how Bosch is kind of a perfect tv show

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Star Wars day Clone Wars podcast crossover with Garrett (@FIlmadelphia) from @ILike2MovieMovie, Tori who hosts @ButterWithThat1, and Ryan & Jill who run @Cinema76 and host @shamefilespod. We all love Star Wars and have lots to say about Clone Wars

More episodes coming this month. Stay safe 

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Friend of the show TJ Wells (@PoorFrisco87) returns to the show to talk about our shared adventures as essential workers during an unprecedented global pandemic. We also talk about movies and tv but it's mostly about being essential workers during a pandemic.

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Friend of the show Ryan Silberstein (@Silberwhatever) from joins me on the podcast to discuss Star Wars, and a bunch of other stuff. We discuss The Clone Wars, The Rise of Skywalker, The Outsider, Westworld, The New Pope - which is one of the best things I have ever seen on tv, Jedi: Fallen Order, Ben Mendolsohn, the general terrifying state of things, Star Wars toys, the Blank Check Podcast March Madness tournament and more.

Ryan has a new podcast with other former guest and friend of the show Ian Kimble called FYeahF1 about Formula racing and you find it at @f1_yeah on Twitter.

Everybody hang in there. Thank you so much for listening.

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TJ WELLS and I discuss The New/Young Pope, Indiana Jones 5, Better Call Saul, Birds of Prey, The Two Popes, Color Out of Space, The Outsider, James Bond, Colin Trevorrow's Star Wars episode 9 script, Tom Scharpling's Grown Ups 3 script, Frances Quinlan's solo album, my various movie pitches and more. 

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