Based on Nothing

It's the twenty-third episode of the Based on Nothing podcast and Scott Heisel (former managing editor of Alternative Press) is the guest! Jacob and Spenser discuss plenty with Scott; Blink-182, Brand New, vinyl records, Weezer, guilty pleasures, journalism, and plenty more.

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It's the season finale of Where's the Brand New Album? and Jacob and Spenser are ready to put the podcast to Bed before its Glory Fades (or until Brand New starts releasing actual news for a change). They Won't Know whenever the next episode returns, but they are caught in Handcuffs to provide the best possible answer to that age-old question, "Just where is that Brand New album?" The two hosts invite Brand New scholar Luke Thornton to discuss the band's legacy and meaning to everyone who enjoys them, along with playing a Mix Tape full of games and odd bits. 

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Officially surpassing Brand New's discography count (if we're included a new, fifth album soon), Where's the Brand New Album? enters its six episode with Layne Montgomery! Co-hosts Spenser and Jacob discuss the band's genre-defining albums, certain songs, and where the band comes from with Layne -- an avid music fan who has never heard a single song from Brand New. They all also realize how many songs of Brand New feature piano. 

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The new year is here and Jacob and Spenser ring it in by talking about what they're most excited about for 2015. Movies like Star Wars, and TV shows like The Americans, the two discuss what's worth waiting for (amongst regular silly conversation).

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