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Tired of Weezer #7: "Raditude/Hurley"

In the long-awaited seventh episode, Tired of Weezer tackles the enigmas that are Weezer's seventh and eighth albums; Raditude and Hurley. Layne and Spenser recruit Jacob to help discuss the masterpiece albums, figuring out just how perfect songs like "I'm Your Daddy" and "In the Mall" were constructed. The duo also answer Jacob's biggest question: Is Pat Wilson, the actor, also the drummer of Weezer? Find out!

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For the thirteenth episode of the podcast, Jacob and Spenser welcome 3/4ths of the band Mumblr! Nick Morrison, Sean Reilly, and Scott Stitzer discuss the band's new album, Full of Snakes, and their upcoming tour dates. Check out Mumblr over at and don't forget to subscribe to our podcast here.

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In the twelfth episode of the podcast, Spenser and Jacob welcome Crit (from and Mal to discuss one of their favorite shows, Lost. The four talk about hidden scenes that nobody ever saw, memories attached to the show, favorite episodes, favorite lines, and much more! They even discuss Friends and are interrupted by Lost's own character named Jacob. Remember to subscribe to the podcast and email us at

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After a week off, the Based on Nothing podcast is back! Spenser and Jacob welcome Andrew Van Tubbs onto the show, who is not only hilarious and interesting, but also making dinner at the time of recording. The three talk about said dinner, living in "the biz," the Apple iWatch, the amazingness of The O.C., and much more like U2! Remember to subscribe to us on iTunes and check out Andrew's comedy show, PeachyComedy!

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Tired of Weezer #6: "The Red Album"

It's Tired of Weezer's sixth episode, where Layne and Spenser talk get dangerous and talk about the band's third self-titled album commonly known as The Red Album. In this episode, the two discuss their early memories of purchasing this album, the fantastic bridge of the awful song "Everybody Get Dangerous," and Spenser explains video games.

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