Based on Nothing

BONus! Mal and Lauren from @AFewBeersIn joined me on the 50th episode. This is the clip from that episode featuring them and some of the funniest stuff to ever happen on the show. 

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The wonderful @MayaKosoff joins me on the show. She is a tech writer for Vanity Fair, she is very funny and good at Twitter, and she is super clued into what's going on in the world. We get to know each other and talk about - tech and start ups, men being awful, New York, Philadelphia, Hershey PA, the magic of Twitter, being on tv, Maya's new podcast, Brand New, Owen, Blink-182, human worm Martin Shkreli, Tinder, Harambe, and more. Maya is a great guest and this is a great episode! 

Lots of episodes coming in August as we inch closer and closer to the grand finale 100th episode! @BONpodcast!

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All The Small Things Considered #2! with all timer guest @MrLukeThornton! We talk all about the good and bad of Blink-182's California, Ghostbusters, cats, Brand New, movies, tv, Pokemon GO and much more. This is an all around excellent episode with a great guest!

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