Based on Nothing

@Malive from @Afewbeersin returns triumphantly to the podcast to give her advice on being stuck in stuff, naming babies, who sucks in showbiz, lawyers, casting a young Harrison Ford, sandboxes, marital problems, revenge and spirits and so much more. We also finally get to hear Mal sing as her and Jacob face off in the Tom DeLonge Challenge.

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Philadelphia comedian GARRETT SMITH (@Filmadelphia) from the I LIKE TO MOVIE MOVIE podcast is on the show this week. We talk about how we met but what we both love talking about is movies and that is exactly what we do. We discuss movies like Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Slow West, Spring Breakers, Breaking Away, The Good The Bad and The Ugly, The End of The Tour, Now You See Me, Ocean's 12, The Raid and many more.

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Philadelphia comedian from Hey We're Cool and Dungeon Palz MATT AUKAMP is on the podcast this week. I ALSO met him at a Halloween party and we realized we had a lot of things in common like being mega fans of The Best Show with Tom Scharpling. We talk about 99 Bananas, Marvel movies and Civil War, an incredible Wikipedia list of band name etymologies, comic books like Saga/Ex Machina/Hawkeye/Nextwave/the 9/11 issue of Spider-Man and more, A Song of Ice and Fire, shitty superheroes, feeling like the world is ending and so much more!

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Philadelphia comedian QUINTON ALEXANDER is here. He's an improviser with Masher, a producer of the show Hey We're Cool, and a dude I met at a Halloween party. We have a great talk about the Oscars, Leonardo DiCaprio, our mutual disgust for Fuller House, Wikipedia holes, getting stuff thrown at you while biking around Philadelphia, New Jersey, what "make America great again" means, making Halloween monthly and mandatory, and much more.

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