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@Malive and I recorded a podcast on my 24th birthday after a blizzard. We play a game called Name as Many Cancelled NBC Shows as You Can, someone sings karaoke alone because someone else refuses, and we get to the bottom of some real deep stuff. Mal gives advice on super cats, freaky Fridays, getting to places, loud noises, Twitter meltdowns, immortal beings, fixing the Oscars, actual good life advice and much more. This is really and truly one of my favorite episodes of the podcast and one of the most fun to date.

Follow Mal's podcast @afewbeersin on Twitter. Send us things to read at @BONpodcast. Thanks for a great first month of 2016.

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Perry Shall from the band HOUND is on the podcast this week. Perry is a musician, artist, t-shirt collector, music fan and an expert scholar in the field of Weezer. We talk all about Hound and his music, Motorhead, enjoying Creed a little more than The Force Awakens, Philadelphia and much more. Later we open up Based on Nothing's new spinoff podcast In Defense of Weezer and talk about their upcoming new album, River's failed tv pilot, the $25,000 Weezer Experience bundle and much more.

Check out Perry's music at Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, rate and review it, and look for one more episode before the end of January!

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Comedian NEEL NANDA is on the podcast this week. Neel is a great stand up, actor and writer who lives in Los Angeles. He does stand up all over town, he's been on a few television shows you've heard of, and he's very fun to talk to. We get to know each other, Neel talks about his experiences doing comedy in LA, we pitch each other bad sitcoms and movies, we played Name Ten Podcasts, we talk about first jobs, and finally Nee's acquaintance and fan favorite Based on Nation guest Natasha Dye joins us for some Growing Pains karaoke. 

2-3 more episodes coming in January! Thank you for listening! Please subscribe on iTunes, rate and review, and tell a friend!

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Ryan Walsh from the band Hallelujah The Hills is on the show to kick off 2016! Ryan I do not know each other but I am a big fan of his music and he was so much fun to talk to. We talk about the band's upcoming 5th album, his upcoming book about Boston in 1968 and Van Morrison's time there leading up to Astral Weeks, podcasts we like, music/movies and tv we like (especially Twin Peaks and Enlightened,), stories from the road, changing technology, Martin Shrekli, El Chapo and so much more!

This is a great episode with a wonderful guest! Based on Nothing will be going strong all year long with 3-5 episodes a month, old and new guests, and fun. Subscribe on iTunes and tell a friend. @BONpodcast

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