Based on Nothing
Here, on the shores of the sea, we finally come to the end of the podcast. I am joined by Layne Montgomery (@LayneMontgomery) from The Great American Novel who did the theme song, Luke Thornton from Secret Towns who did the artwork (@MrLukeThornton), Mal Smith (@Malive), and Natasha Dye (@NatashaDye). We also get calls from past guests Rae Paolette (@PAYOLETTER), Cole Johnston (@KeyboardCole), and Kevin Stairiker (StairikerKevin). These are all people who contributed to the show over the years with their time and conversation and I am very grateful for them.

I am also very grateful for everyone that listened to the show over the years. I delayed ending the show for a long time, but slamming the door shut on it feels good. You can find me writing about movies and television @, and on Instagram, Twitter and Letterboxd @Ailite. One day I will return to podcasting, maybe. For now this is the end and the ship has returned to port. See ya around.
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