Based on Nothing

In the third installment of the smash hit spin-off podcast MAL ADVICE, @Malive joins me to talk about her new podcast @AFewBeersIn and crack open extra special bonus episodes of Where’s The Brand New Album? & Tired of Weezer! The Based On Nothing sub-podcast family is all here.

Mal also dishes out advice on pet tigers, how to roll your tongue, how to fall back in love with food, how to launch a viral challenge (#VASELINECHALLENGE), what instrument to make your child play, dating superheroes, True Detective season 3, confusion related to the minions, whether or not to watch LOST, supervillians, a Harry Potter reboot, what to name 11 cats, Star Wars, Mission Impossible 5, stuffed animals, that time Mal and I went to FAO Schwartz together and so much more.

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Comedy special forces unit The Incredible Shrinking Matt and Jacquie join me to discuss slobbing blobs, ghosts, Philadelphia, sketch comedy, awkward shows, dadcasts, Batman, dream showbiz projects. We also play out some very dark Taxi Cab Confessions and act out scenes from the failed Rivers Cuomo television series in a very exciting sub-episode of Tired of Weezer.

Check out all of Matt and Jacquie's work and upcoming shows, because they are two of the best.

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