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In this very special episode of the Based on Nothing podcast I am joined in studio by repeat guest and friend of the show Kelsey Degnan. Near the end of the episode I realized that I have been doing this podcast for over a year and it becomes a joyous and celebratory affair.

The episode begins with a prayer and a state of the podcast address. We take LIVE calls from Karl Germanovich from the band Howlish, New York based comedian Alisha Delp, (who is coming to us live from a life or death battle with a mosquito) Michael Morrison, (who has scorching hot takes on Mad Men and Taylor Swift) and Rob Moden (host of the Orphan Black Clone Cast on the Nerdist network!)

Kelsey and I discuss Brand New and how she recently confronted part of the band Seether over their blatant rip off of the Brand New song ‘Daisy’, a lost episode of the Based on Nothing spinoff Where’s The Brand New Album? podcast, summer music like Hop Along and their wonderful new record, American Football, Yuck, Mikal Cronin, Rilo Kiley, Colleen Green, summer vacations, Disney World wishes and curses, Podcastaway the movie, the great Dancing Epidemic of 1518 which is my favorite thing to ever be talked about on this podcast, and finally we go through the new Brand New news. Sorry for the little popping sounds, but also fuck it.

Thank you to everyone who has been on or listened to this podcast over the past year. New episodes coming all through June/all summer/until the end of time.

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The wonderful band Lady Parts stoppped by my apartment over a month ago for a conversation about their music and their new EP that just came out (!!!), favorite Harry Potter and fictional characters, swords, sex trees, musical influences, Philadelphia and as 
usual with this podcast, whatever else comes up. This episode was almost lost forever in a laptop fire but it was salvaged and has songs from the band through and fun conversation. 

Check out the band at or their NEW EP HERE and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes for more episodes all summer long

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It's been awhile since the last episode due to devastating laptop problems and personal loss but this week the show is back up and running full steam ahead. My guest is dear friend Domenic Kelly from the Light Talk Boys podcast. We talk about maybe not wanting to do a podcast anymore, the worst things to win a free lifetime supply of, weird dreams, your brain playing tricks on your mouth, Hop Along and The Mountain Goats, wrestling, the misery of Craigslist, hot weather, how stupid the human body is, finding things to laugh at and much more.

Look for new episodes soon and subscribe on iTunes. Thank you for listening!

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