Based on Nothing

GREGG GETHARD a Philadelphia comedian is on the show to talkabout Philadelphia, baby powder sabotage, comedy in broad and specific terms, the Karl G yelp novel, a Bernie Sanders rally weboth attended and much more. Gregg is a wonderful guest!

May will be a fun month for the show! Subscribe/rate/review oniTunes and follow the show @BONpodcast!

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Original co-host and eternal champion Spenser Milo returns to the podcast for the first time in over a year! We have a brand new Weezer album to talk about! We also catch up on knowing each other for almost ten years and podcasting for three, Batman vs. Superman, Star Wars, where the Brand New Album is, Prisoners, Room, The Leftovers, Vindicated by Dashboard Confessional and much more!

Then we talk about River's Cuomo's tv pilot, Weezer's new album track by track and how good Pat Wilson was in Fargo season 2!! This is a great episode! Follow the show @BONpodcast and @SpenserMilo on Twitter. 

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Returning guest and friend of the show Kevin Stairiker (@LoomingDoom) is on the show this week. He is a writer, a musician, and an all around fun dude. We talk about a New Year's Eve Party we were both at, Batman vs. Superman, Civil War, Daredevil season two, comic books, American Crime Story: The People vs. OJ Simpson, podcasts, bad music from the early 2000's, Scott Stapp, Garry Shandling and so much more! I pitch Kevin to join the Based on Network. At the 28:15 mark, we open up a brand new episode of Where's The Brand New Album? for an official update and because Kevin has never heard a Brand New song before and we had to fix that. I also manage to not curse for most of the episode! It's very exciting!

This is a funny episode! There are a lot more coming in April! Checkout, rate and review on iTunes and have a great week. 

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