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Comedian Carole Montgomery and her son, Layne, appear on this episode of the Based on Nothing podcast! Of course, Layne is a frequent guest but we've never heard from his very hilarious mother who has been a comedian for most of her life! Carole is known as the National Mom due to her involvement in Armed Forces Entertainment, which brings comedy overseas to the US military. In this episode, she talks with Jacob about her times starting out, the modern comedy scene, and how much Layne is a brat.

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The comedian madness never stops! In this episode, Jacob interviews the legendary Greg Proops (Whose Line Is It Anyway?, The Phantom Menace, host of The Smartest Man in the World Podcast) about his great career, comedy, and much more! Be sure to subscribe and review us on iTunes and to email us at

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Continuing the comedian-only February we're having, the twenty-fifth (and the first episode to be out of order!) episode of the Based on Nothing podcast welcomes both Kate Banford and Aaron Nevins. The two go on about impressions, geography, their own stand up, and much much more!

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This is a very special episode of the Based on Nothing podcast, as we talk to the great comedian Jen Kirkman. Jen is a fantastic and funny person, releasing two comedy albums, a bestselling book, and appearing on Chelsea LatelyDrunk History, and @midnight. Topics that are discussed are the oddities of Twitter, her sold out shows in Philly, her own podcast, and much more.

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It's the season finale of Where's the Brand New Album? and Jacob and Spenser are ready to put the podcast to Bed before its Glory Fades (or until Brand New starts releasing actual news for a change). They Won't Know whenever the next episode returns, but they are caught in Handcuffs to provide the best possible answer to that age-old question, "Just where is that Brand New album?" The two hosts invite Brand New scholar Luke Thornton to discuss the band's legacy and meaning to everyone who enjoys them, along with playing a Mix Tape full of games and odd bits. 

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It's the last episode of the year for the Based on Nothing podcast and Spenser and Jacob want to let 2014 free into the wild. They, along with Mal, discuss the year in success, failure, and whether or not VCRs will make a comeback in 2015.

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It's been a while since the last episode of the Based on Nothing podcast, but here is number twenty! Jacob and Spenser celebrate the milestone quickly before introducing comedians Caitlin Feeney and Elise Thomson-Hohl. The four discuss things such as the perfect TV show to watch after masturbating, impressions, Philadelphia, and the weather. 

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In an unusual turn of events, Jacob is left by himself without Spenser for the nineteenth episode of the Based on Nothing podcast. Fear not, dear Jacob, as your friend Megan Carter will join you and help out with the always fascinating discussion found on the podcast! Topics include: Game of Thrones, Interstellar, Transparent, and good ol' HBO. 

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In the eighteenth episode of the Based on Nothing podcast, Jacob and Spenser delve into conversation about the recent Marvel movie plan reveal. With Matt Harper (from the band Dead), Jan Tarkovsy (a made up person) and Luke Thornton, the discussion goes to great highs with technical difficulities to bring it all down. They survive, thankfully, enough to welcome the world-renowned artist Banksy onto the show, where he talks about his recent capture.

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After a week off, the Based on Nothing podcast is back! Spenser and Jacob welcome Andrew Van Tubbs onto the show, who is not only hilarious and interesting, but also making dinner at the time of recording. The three talk about said dinner, living in "the biz," the Apple iWatch, the amazingness of The O.C., and much more like U2! Remember to subscribe to us on iTunes and check out Andrew's comedy show, PeachyComedy!

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In the ninth episode of the Based on Nothing Podcast, Spenser and Jacob talk about the sudden and tragic loss of Robin Williams. They soon realize that it's just them on this podcast, no guest, and have a time of recollection on just what that all means. Eventually Spider-Man and Woody Allen are brought up, as they usually are in unison, and then Pete Holmes talks to Jacob in an exclusive interview with Based on Nothing. Remember to email us at!

Introduction - 0:00
Robin Williams - 3:00
No guest discussion/Based on Nothing reflection - 6:00
"Great Stories" - 10:45
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - 13:35
Woody Allen - 16:00
"In The Loop" - 20:00
Pete Holmes interview - 23:30
Gatorade/Hypothetical talk show - 39:00
Guardians of the Galaxy - 45:00
The Hobbit - 54:00
Music! - 58:00

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In the eighth episode of the Based on Nothing Podcast, Jacob and Spenser welcome their friend Drew Jenkins. The three of them discuss the mountain of gay porn that Jacob came across, The Wire, Kickstarter, Saturday Night Live, and much much more. Email us at and don't forget to subscribe to us on iTunes here.

Introduction/weather - 0:00
Gay porn treasure cove - 4:00
The Wire - 11:00
Kickstarter - 15:00
Thanks, Obama - 23:15
Drew's life tale/Philadelphia - 25:30
Comedy! - 38:15
Saturday Night Live - 44:00
Gay porn part 2 - 48:00
Ryan Gosling - 52:00
Get On Up - 54:00
Exit - 60:00

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In the seventh episode of the Based on Nothing podcast, Spenser and Jacob welcome their good friend Luke! The three discuss the weirdness that is first names, Star Wars, the entire Spider Man franchise, FX allegedly having the movies, and much more; Luke becomes a robot! Mal speaks to us from Comic-Con! Please email us over at and subscribe over at iTunes.

3:00 - Names and Star Wars games
8:00 - Spider Man franchise
10:50 - FX has the movies
12:00 - True Detective casting
16:00 - 24
17:30 - Things we endorse
21:00 - Mary Kate and Ashley discussion
23:30 - Luke is a robot
24:30 - Orange is the New Black
26:00 - Spoiler talk
29:30 - Live from Comic-Con!!! (Mal on the floor)
35:00 - The Leftovers and the definition of "doozy"
36:40 - Bonnaroo
41: 00 - "Think Piece"

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In the fifth episode of the Based on Nothing Podcast, Jacob and Spenser welcome their friends Luke Shefski and Kevin Stairiker to the podcast. Together, Luke and Kevin perform songs from their respective bands Port Arthur and Traffic Nightmare and join the usual bizarre discussion of Jacob's uncle Buck, Star Wars, Personal Problems, and play games like How Many Twitter Followers Do You Have? Listen, enjoy, and don't forget to subscribe to use on iTunes and email us at!

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