Based on Nothing

Friend of the show and New York based comedian Alisha Delp joins me for a laid back conversaton about the heat, procrastinating podcasting, karaoke, New York, podcasts, Cecil The Lion, singing and much more.

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Mal Smith (@malive) is back to give you her advice on love letters from an ex, burgers, finding happiness in a mosh pit, conquering humanity out of boredom, a man pretending to be a family's dalmation, what to name a boat, her disdain for cheese, dealing with pesky ghosts, natural wonders ideal for psychdelic experiences, watersports, fusion jazz destiny, whether Weezer is actually a good band and much more.

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Fan favorite champion and returning (for the 4th time) guest Natasha Dye is here to talk about all the most important hot topics in the world such as - celebrity gossip, 4th of July, sexy animals, animal news, pop culture, Snapchat, driving, sunburn and so much more. Natasha is one of the best people to talk to on a podcast or on Twitter or at the mall.

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