Based on Nothing

In episode #32 but actually #31 of the podcast Jacob is joined by Max Scholnick and Cole Johnston, members of the Philadelphia improv team Hoffman. Hoffman performs regularly at the Philly Improv Theater on Saturday nights.

We have a lively discussion about chance meetings, falling off bikes, weather, magic, Philadelphia, Kickstarters, death and dying, Disney World, dying in Disney World, movies and music we're excited about an much more.

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The Philadelphia band DEAD is here and they are wonderful

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Spenser is amicably moving on to greener pastures. Jacob announces his departure as co-host and his plans for the future of the show. Jacob's friend and guest co-host Matt Zimel joins him to discuss great movies, shitty movies, being sad, what makes us laugh, Los Angeles, television, music and much more.

It's a transitionary time for the Based on Nothing podcast, but it's not going anywhere.

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Comedian Carole Montgomery and her son, Layne, appear on this episode of the Based on Nothing podcast! Of course, Layne is a frequent guest but we've never heard from his very hilarious mother who has been a comedian for most of her life! Carole is known as the National Mom due to her involvement in Armed Forces Entertainment, which brings comedy overseas to the US military. In this episode, she talks with Jacob about her times starting out, the modern comedy scene, and how much Layne is a brat.

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