Based on Nothing
#4 - Natasha Dye

In the fourth episode of the podcast, Jacob and Spenser welcome guest Natasha Dye! The three of them discuss the adventure that is OK Cupid, the television show that is Pretty Little Liars, and just why the hell previous guest Layne Montgomery is there to disrupt Natasha's moment. Conversation also includes baby names, animal movies, vomit, and Taylor Swift's cats.

Be sure to follow Natasha on Twitter here.

Announcements/Star Wars discussion - 0:00
Natasha Dye introduction/OK Cupid justification - 11:30
Layne explains why he's there - 15:00
Glee - 17:00
Pretty Little Liars - 21:00
LA vs. New York/Mom talk - 26:15
Pop music discussion - 30:00
Fun facts - 33:30
Names/Animal movies/Names - 36:00
Catfish - 45:30
Taylor Swift talk - 47:25
"When Did You Last Throw Up?" - 51:50
"How Many Twitter Followers Do You Have?" - 54:00
"In the Loop" - 56:00

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