Based on Nothing

In the sixth episode of the Based on Nothing podcast, Jacob and Spenser welcome Chet Williams and Mikaela Marie! The four of them talk extensively about the haunted places of Philadelphia, which then goes into implied Harry Potter sex scenes. Chet performs three songs throughout the podcast and Santa Claus makes an appearance, along with Baby Jesus. It's a fun podcast for the entire family because of Mikaela's constant Philadelphia facts. Listen, enjoy, and check out Chet on Bandcamp and Mikaela on Twitter. Also, hey, email us over at and subscribe to us on iTunes!

Introduction - 0:00
Spenser answers questions/How Jacob met Mikaela - 3:30
Haunted places in Philadelphia - 6:45
Super serious ghost talk - 11:00
Harry Potter sex scenes - 14:15
"Nervous" by Chet Williams - 20:00
The Office talk - 24:20
Recommendin' - 30:45
"Have You Ever Noticed?" (Emmys talk) - 40:00
"Watching Out For You" by Chet Williams - 44:00
Thomas Jefferson is three dogs - 49:00
Santa Claus interrupts and chaos ensues - 52:30
Mikaela explains democracy/Outro - 1:13:00
"Home for Supper" by Chet Williams - 1:16:30

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